Latest On3 rankings bring good Alabama Football news but no sign of a 'Bama Bump'

The On300 player rankings update provided good news for Alabama Football commits and targets, and a few examples there is no 'Bama Bump'.
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The latest On3, 2025 class player rankings included good news for several Alabama Football commits and prospects. The Alabama Crimson Tide has 15 recruits in the On300 rankings. That is more than the Georgia Bulldogs. The Crimson Tide also has nine recruits in On3's top 100.

Alabama Football retained its No. 2 spot on the On3 Industry Team Rankings. Other SEC teams close behind are Georgia at No. 3, LSU at No. 5, and Texas A&M at No. 8.

Good Alabama Football Recruiting News

The biggest news was a bump for offensive lineman, Michael Carroll, ranked No. 12 by On3, giving him 5-star status. Alabama Crimson Tide offensive lineman commit, Jackson Lloyd moved up from No. 29 to No. 26. When the complete 32, On3 5-stars are released later in the cycle, Lloyd's ranking would make him an On3 5-star. 247Sports and ESPN, with far lower ratings for Lloyd, will hopefully change, allowing him to become an On3 Industry 5-star. Also making a big upward move in the On3 player rankings was cornerback commit, Chuck McDonald who moved up 23 spots to No. 98 overall.

Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback commit made a big move, rising 43 spots to No. 37 in the On3 rankings. Alabama fans believed Russell had a good chance to reach 5-star status. Instead, the On3 update took his On3 Industry ranking to No. 43 nationally. Pulling down Russell's On3 Industry ranking is that Rivals has him as the No. 47, 2025 recruit. A 43-spot bump is huge and Russell can continue to move up in the coming months.

The often perceived, though never confirmed 'Bama Bump' from the Nick Saban years was not evident in the On3 update. Alabama commits Duke Johnson and Dijon Lee dropped a few spots in the On3 update. Alabama commits, Dawson Merritt, from No. 99 to No. 125, and Micah DeBose from No. 158 to No. 245 took big dives in the rankings.

Looking to future updates, the Alabama Crimson Tide is believed to be in a strong position to add commits from Ty Haywood and Caleb Cunningham. Haywood moved up to a No. 12, 5-star ranking, as the No. 2 offensive tackle in the 2025 class. Cunningham is the No. 2 rated wide receiver, ranked a 5-star, at No. 15. Alabama is also believed to lead for running back AK Dear. The former Ole Miss commit is currently a 4-star, ranked No. 36 overall, placing him on the cusp of becoming a 5-star.

Alabama football fans were surprised and disappointed that Lotzeir Brooks made no upward move in the latest On2 rankings. The 4-star, wide receiver is ranked No. 100 by On3, and the 14th-best wide receiver. Brooks lags in the On3 Industry rankings because of ridiculously low ratings by 247Sports and Rivals.

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