Nate Oats Continues to be a Master of the Transfer Portal

Alabama v Connecticut
Alabama v Connecticut / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

With the addition of Aden Holloway to the Alabama roster Nate Oats continues to be a master of the transfer portal. Success in today's college basketball world is about evolving with the times and making smart roster moves in the portal that fits your school's style. With so many players who jump into the transfer portal, it can be daunting for the coaching staff to evaluate these players and make offers to the interested ones that fit program needs. Nate Oats since coming to Tuscaloosa has been lights out with his portal additions to the Alabama roster. That has been a major factor in the rise of success within the basketball program.

After losing the likes of Brandon Miller, Noah Clowney, and Charles Bediako to the NBA, not only did Nate Oats not flinch, he found a way to have an even more successful season without them. He hit the portal hard and was able to bring in the likes of Aaron Estrada, Grant Nelson, and Latrell Wrightsell to fill big holes in the Crimson Tide roster on the road to reaching the Final Four. Even before then Coach Oats saw something special in Mark Sears bringing him to Alabama after a couple of seasons at the University of Ohio. We know how significant part of the Crimson Tide Sears has been earning All-SEC and All-American accolades this past season in addition to being the catalyst of Alabama's historical 2024 tournament run.

Not even a run to the Final Four could help keep the majority of the Alabama roster together as we've seen Rylan Griffen, Nick Pringle, Sam Walters, Kris Parker, and Davin Cosby all jump into the portal. These types of losses could easily set your program back a year, but Nate Oats keeps the Crimson Tide basketball program full steam ahead adding the likes of Holloway, Houston Mallette, and Chris Youngblood from the transfer portal to fill voids in the roster. In addition to this Alabama is on the shortlist to add former Rutger's big man Cliff Omoruy out of the portal. The success in the transfer portal and the success that Nate Oats has had with his recruiting classes is why Alabama has emerged as a basketball power and will be in that conversation of top programs for the foreseeable future

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