New Alabama Crimson Tide defense and pass rushing bounty

The Alabama Crimson Tide has been known for outstanding pass rushers for so long, seeing no Bama guys on lists of 2024's best pass rushers is almost shocking.
Gary Cosby Jr. via Imagn Content
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  • Quandarrius Robinson - At the Crimson Tide's new Wolf position, the Crimson Tide's redshirt senior is projected to have an eye-turning season. At 6'5" and 235 lbs., Robinson is blessed with speed. His 2024 stats may not qualify him as a conference or national leader but that is only because there is so much depth behind him at the position.
  • Keanu Koht - Expectations were high for Koht when he joined the Crimson Tide for the 2021 season. In his first two years in Tuscaloosa, Koht was held back by injuries. Now the healthy 6'4", 232 lbs. redshirt junior has been getting notice throughout spring camp. Koht is another Crimson Tide Wolf poised for a big season
  • Qua Russaw - Alabama is loaded at the Wolf position and one reason why is redshirt freshman Qua Russaw. Even more than Robinson and Koht, the 6'2", 242 lbs. Russaw is a physical force, whose size does not hamper his quickness. During some spring camp sessions, Russaw has been the best of the Tide's Wolf trio.

There is much talent at the Wolf position, Kane Wommack may have a special package in which two of them are on the field together. It could be similar to what Alabama has done in recent seasons with the Cheetah package.

More common in Wommack's offense will be additional pass-rushing pressure coming from the Bandit position. From last season, Justin Eboigbe would fit the Bandit role perfectly. For Kane Wommack, the depth at the Bandit position equals or surpasses the Wolf position. Alabama football fans anticipate former 5-Star, Keon Keeley will explode at Bandit. That is a valid expectation, but Keeley will start behind at least two others at the position.