New uniforms coming soon for the Alabama Basketball team

Alabama v Auburn
Alabama v Auburn / Michael Chang/GettyImages

It appears that the Alabama Basketball team will be sporting new uniforms when they take the court on Saturday as the team announced a debut of new uniforms coming on February 17th.

The uniforms will feature the 1970-2000's era "Block A" while the uniforms are similar to the ones the program wore in 1997. The uniform tops aren't too different from anything the team's worn, however, the shorts with the old-school logo will be wildly popular.

The Retro logo has been making a comeback lately with Kalen DeBoer and his new staff sporting the logo on recruiting visits while also using it in team meeting slideshows. The school last used the logo from 1974-2000 before eventually landing on the "script A" in 2004.

The logo will be a new look for Alabama Basketball whose long sported uniforms with no logos and simply just 'Alabama' across their chests.

The Alabama Basketball fans finally get a change like they've long been clamoring for and while it's not a new arena or a new court design the uniforms will be wildly popular. The old-school logo has made a comeback in pop culture with fans sporting the retro look as of late. The new apparel will also do great for the players and potentially Yea Alabama! in NIL as the players will be able to sell some new apparel with new jersey's coming out.

Alabama Basketball: Smart timing by Nate Oats?

Unveiling new uniforms late in a season is certainly interesting timing as you'd expect the team to release them before a season, however, this also may be the perfect timing. The team is currently tied atop the SEC with seven games to play and while that should excite the team enough new uniforms will give the players an added boost. The program has reached new heights and a level of popularity never quite seen before Nate Oats and the new look may become one that's synonymous with this era of Alabama Basketball. If the unveiling helps the team even in the slightest way possible then it's an incredible move by Nate Oats and the program.