NFL Draft showcased some SEC teams and revealed weaknesses in others

The SEC again dominated an NFL Draft, but along with strong team performances, the conference's weakest programs were exposed.
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In the 2024 NFL Draft, every SEC team but one had a player selected. The one was predictably Vanderbilt. Among the other 15 teams (Texas and Oklahoma are included) there was a wide range of NFL Draft success and failure.

The Texas Longhorns had the most selections with 11 players chosen. Alabama Football was next with 10; followed by Georgia with eight and LSU and Missouri with six each. It is fair to call the five programs 2024 NFL Draft winners.

Defining the SEC Draft losers requires more than counting numbers. Given its coaching situation, Mississippi State's three NFL Draft selections do not qualify as underperforming. Realistically, with four Draft selections each, the same conclusion can be drawn about South Carolina, Kentucky, and Texas A&M. Although, with the Aggies, it must be an embarrassment that after so much money thrown at players in the Jimbo Fisher era, just four were drafted, and none in the first round.

That leaves six clear 2024 NFL Draft losers from the SEC. Vanderbilt is justifiably excluded from the loser list.

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