No trap games for the 2024 Alabama Crimson Tide

Many things will be different for the Alabama Crimson Tide in 2024 and one of them is the Tide will have no trap games.
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Conventional football wisdom is that no team can get up for every game. That vulnerability is said to mean in certain games a better team will not be sufficiently prepared to beat a lesser team. The better team gets caught in a trap and an upset occurs.

I have written about Alabama Crimson Tide trap games many times. In past seasons, at least one Alabama football opponent has presented the Crimson Tide a trap game. But not in 2024. I am predicting zero trap games for the Crimson Tide.

There are several reasons why I don't expect any team to catch the Alabama Crimson Tide unprepared. The obvious one is tied to Kalen Deboer's first season succeeding Nick Saban. DeBoer and the Crimson Tide have much to prove. There will be no inclination to take anything for granted.

It is possible that Alabama could be a little flat in the South Florida, Vanderbilt, Mercer, and even South Carolina games. But none of those teams has the roster resources to beat the Crimson Tide, short of a series of bizarre occurrences during a game. Even if Alabama starts the season 4-0 with a home win over Georgia, neither Vandy in Nashville nor South Carolina in Tuscaloosa will 'trap' an unprepared Crimson Tide.

Alabama will cruise in its opener because the Crimson Tide is much better than the Hilltoppers. The team will be prepared and focused to make a game-one statement against naysayers across college football.

Alabama's seven other regular-season opponents will receive too much respect to allow a trap game to happen. Six of the seven opponents, Wisconsin, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, LSU, and Oklahoma can compete with the Crimson Tide. None will be taken too lightly. Auburn may not pose a serious threat, but Iron Bowl history keeps it from being a trap game.

As during the Nick Saban Era, the Crimson Tide's goal is championships. Making the Playoffs is not near enough. Kalen DeBoer was clear recently, stating he does not want his team to think it has some "wiggle room" because of the 12-team Playoff field.

Alabama Crimson Tide 2024 Schedule

The 2024 regular season schedule is demanding. It is the nation's 6th most difficult per ESPN FPI calculations. Based on the schedule, ESPN Analytics projects an Alabama 9-3 season. That projection is another reason Alabama will remain focused and not vulnerable to a trap game.

Simply stated, the Alabama Crimson Tide has something to prove in the 2024 season. Coaches and players alike will be driven and remain focused to prove to the college football world, that Alabama is still Alabama, even without Nick Saban.

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