Post Regular Season: SEC Basketball Head Coach Power Ranking

How the SEC basketball head coaches rank after the SEC's regular season wrapped up is not what was expected in December or even January.
George Walker IV / The Tennessean / USA
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No. 11 - Mike White - Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia did not realize how well Mark Fox did during his eight seasons in Athens. Three Fox teams won 20-plus games. They were the only 20-win seasons for the Bulldogs going back to the 2001-02 season. Now, Georgia defines SEC mediocrity, with a 6-12 SEC record and 16-15 overall.

No. 10 - Chris Beard - Ole Miss Rebels

To an extent, Chris Beard turned the Rebels around in his first season at Ole Miss. An overall 20-11 record appears solid, but the 13 wins notched at the start of the season came against what were at-best average teams. The 7-11 SEC record more accurately defines the Rebels.

There is no No. 9 or No. 8 in these rankings. Three coaches are ranked at No. 7. Results did not justify any separation between the three coaches.

No. 7 - Chris Jans - Mississippi State Bulldogs

In early February, the Bulldogs won five straight games. The winning streak was almost negated by losing their last four regular season games. At 19-12 and 8-10 in SEC play, the Bulldogs are a Big Dance bubble team.

No. 7 - Buzz Williams - Texas A&M Aggies

The Aggies, at 9-9 in SEC play, also had a February five-game losing streak. Buzz has too much talent at guard for his team to only have an 18-13 record. The Aggies should be better but since beating Tennessee on Feb. 10, the Aggies have struggled, with only three wins and none in that time over a top SEC team.

No. 7 - Matt McMahon - LSU Bengal Tigers

LSU had a horrible 3-plus week run in late January to mid-February, losing six of seven games. Since then LSU has rallied to win five of seven games, taking their SEC record to 9-9 and 17-14 overall. The Bengal Tigers may have the best chance for an SEC Tournament upset.