Projecting February and March for Alabama Basketball and the rest of the SEC

Alabama Basketball is one of nine SEC teams on a track to the Big Dance. Check out current rankings and schedules, plus a mid-March projection for the teams.
Andrew Nelles / The Tennessean / USA
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Auburn Tigers - NCAA Tournament 5-seed. At 17-4 and 6-2, the Tigers have remaining home games against Alabama, South Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi State and Georgia. The away slate is Ole Miss, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Missouri.

South Carolina Gamecocks - NCAA Tournament 7-seed. At 18-3 and 6-2, the Gamecocks have home games against Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, LSU, Florida and Tennessee. Their away games are Georgia, Auburn, Ole Miss, Texas A&M and Mississippi State.

Mississippi State Bulldogs - NCAA Tournament 9-seed. At 14-7 and 3-5, the Bulldogs have home games against Georgia, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Kentucky and South Carolina. Their road games are Alabama, Missouri, LSU, Auburn and Texas A&M.

Ole Miss Rebels - NCAA Tournament 9-seed. At 18-3 and 5-3, the Rebels have home games against Auburn, Missouri, South Carolina, Alabama, and Texas A&M. Their road games are South Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Missouri, and Georgia.

Florida Gators - NCAA Tournament 10-seed. At 15-6 and 5-3, the Gators have home games against Auburn, LSU, Vanderbilt, Missouri and Alabama. Their road games are Texas A&M, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Vanderbilt.

Texas A&M Aggies - NCAA Tournament 10-seed. At 12-8 and 3-4, the Aggies have home games against Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, South Carolina and Mississippi State. Their road games are Missouri, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Ole Miss.

Which teams have the easiest SEC finishing schedules can only be guessed. Alabama has two of its three highest-ranked opponents on the road. Among the SEC's current top teams Kentucky and Tennessee might have the two toughest schedules, with Auburn and South Carolina having the two easiest. The Crimson Tide is somewhere in between.