Ranking 2024 away game trips for Alabama football fans

Games away from Bryant -Denny can be great fun for Alabama football fans and the 2024 season is filled with exciting road game locations.
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Alabama Football away games can be a treat for Crimson Tide fans. There is a good variety of away sites in the 2024 season. Game locations are near plenty of places to enjoy the college football environment, before and after the games.

A ranking based on the intensity of the home crowd fans has to place LSU at No. 1. The party outside Tiger Stadium is unmatched in college football. Before an Alabama vs. LSU game, fans of the Bengal Tigers are often hospitable offering food and drink to passers-by. After an LSU loss, some are not so cordial to the fans of winning opponents.

Inside Tiger Stadium, the intensity of LSU fans is commendable. Passions drive intense fan fervor. The environment is intended to intimidate opponents. Mostly it is just good fun, though sometimes it can get rowdy. No Alabama Crimson Tide fan should fail to attend at least one game in Baton Rouge.

There is also plenty of intensity inside Neyland Stadium, Camp Randall in Madison, WI, and the Oklahoma Memorial Stadium (Gaylord) in Norman, OK. Fans of the Vols, Badgers, and Sooners are as serious about their programs as Alabama fans. Following LSU with the most intimidating stadium environment, Camp Randall is probably No. 2, with Neyland next, and then Gaylord in Norman (also known as the Palace on the Prairie).

Vanderbilt's stadium environment is the opposite of intimidating. Alabama Crimson Tide fans often outnumber Vandy fans in Nashville.

Without considering the distance and hassle of making a trip as a factor, all five locations are great sites for a college football experience. Nashville ranks No. 1 overall because of the abundance of things to do. The West End area near the stadium has many good eat and drink spots. A close second is Madison, WI. The Wisconsin campus is beautiful and Lake Michigan is only about five minutes away. It is often described as the best campus spot in the nation.

Neyland is as they say, hard on the banks of the Tennessee River. For those having the opportunity, making a boat trip up the Tennessee from Guntersville, AL can be a special, leisurely treat. The Market Square area of downtown Knoxville is not far from the stadium and is filled with delightful places for food and drink.

Though they are great away game sites, Baton Rouge and Norman don't quite match the reputation of added fun opportunities of Nashville, Madson, and Knoxville.

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