Ranking QBs for Alabama Crimson Tide 2024 opponents

Check out an early spring ranking of the opposing quarterbacks the Alabama Crimson Tide will face in the 2024 regular season

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SEC Football will be filled with new starting quarterbacks in the 2024 season. In the Alabama football schedule, as few as four teams will have returning starters. From the Crimson Tide regular season schedule, eleven expected 2024 starters are ranked in reverse order below. The only Tide opponent not included is Mercer.

The rankings are based on previous college performance and give no credit to speculation that some players might quickly reach a high potential. Given that rankings consideration, three players share the bottom of the list tied at No. 9.

Best 2014 Alabama Crimson Tide Opposing Quarterbacks

No. 10 - Nico Iamaleava (Tennessee), LaNorris Sellars (South Carolina), and Vanderbilt's two potential starters, Diego Pavia or Nate Johnson. Tennessee fans will wail about their (purportedly) $8M QB being ranked so low. But Iamleava completed just 28 passes as a freshman, making him as yet unproven. Norris is even less experienced, having thrown just five passes in his freshman season.

No. 9 Diego Pavia (Vanderbilt). Pavia is a transfer from New Mexico State who has passed for over 4,440 yards in a two-season FBS career. His performance in the Aggies win over Auburn was impressive but the rest of his resume is filled with weak opponents. Vandy has another transfer in Nate Johnson. If John was the projected starter he would have joined Iamaleava and Sellars tied at No. 10.

No. 8 T.J. Finley (Western Kentucky). Finley will be playing for his fourth college team this fall. After three disappointing seasons at first LSU, and then Auburn. Finley had a decent year in the Sun Belt for Texas State. Even so, it was expected a transfer would displace him in 2024, so he moved to the Hilltoppers.