Reasons why the Alabama Crimson Tide will beat UConn

For good reason the UConn Huskies are favored over the Alabama Crimson Tide. There are several other reasons that point to an Alabama upset.
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  • Reason No. 5 - UConn takes advantage of fastbreak opportunities, otherwise, their tempo makes them the tortoise to the Crimson Tide hare. When Alabama gets defensive rebounds, it can execute a dazzling tempo faster than anything UConn has faced this season. The fastest tempo team UConn has played is Xavier calculated by KenPom at No. 32, compared to Alabama at No. 9. Ten Big East teams have Adjusted Tempo rankings of No. 79 to No. 315. It is often claimed that UConn can play at any team's pace, but that has not been proven against a team like Alabama.
  • Reason No. 6 - A good reason to be bullish on Alabama's defensive chances against UConn is Rylan Griffen. Griffen always wants to go against an opponent's best guard or wing. Rylan has shown the ability to force outside shooters beyond their comfort zone. UConn may get a big game from one of its senior guards, Tristen Newton or Cam Spencer. But Rylan Griffen will clamp down on one of them and neutralize some of UConn's firepower.
  • Reason No. 7 - This might be the most significant reason Alabama will win. With Latrell Wrightsell Jr. back, the Tide's four-guard offense can spread the floor beyond what the Huskies can defend. Nate Oats can have three or four long-range shooters on the court together. When multiple Crimson Tiders are raining threes, no defense in college basketball is good enough to withstand the scoring barrage. With correct spacing, good ball movement, limited turnovers, and good offensive rebounding Alabama can feast on threes against the Huskies.

How many of the seven reasons must become reality for Alabama to beat UConn? Exactly how many is a guess, but the number is not seven. Three or four could be enough for a Crimson Tide Final Four victory.