Six biggest Alabama Football Transfer Portal losses and replacements

For now, the raid on Alabama football players has subsided. Let's consider the Crimson Tide's biggest transfer losses and more importantly, the anticipated replacements.
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The college football world's push to raid the Alabama football roster has waned. Based on attrition numbers, the effects on the Crimson Tide roster have been significant. Some very good football players are gone.

Many in the national sports media have swooned over the hope the Tide's transfer losses portend Alabama's demise. It has even been stressful for Alabama football fans who recognize one or two of the exiting players will likely not be replaced by a player of comparable talent.

To the dismay of competing fanbases, there is a different reality to consider. The number of exiting players leads to inaccurate conclusions. In almost every case, the next man up in Tuscaloosa will be as good as or better than the players choosing to leave.

Six Biggest Alabama Football Transfer Losses

Picking the six biggest transfer losses for the Crimson Tide is easy. Out of the total of 27, a few more have the potential to become outstanding football players but their career outcomes are yet to be determined.

The big six are Caleb Downs, Kadyn Proctor, Isaiah Bond, Amari Niblack, Trey Amos, and Julian Sayin. Sayin is also one of the former Tide players with unrealized potential, but in his case, being the top QB in the 2024 class qualifies him as a 'big' loss.

The good news for Crimson Tide fans is all the guys are replaceable. Yes, even Caleb Downs, who is a fantastic college football player.