Six biggest Alabama Football Transfer Portal losses and replacements

For now, the raid on Alabama football players has subsided. Let's consider the Crimson Tide's biggest transfer losses and more importantly, the anticipated replacements.
Saraland's Ryan Williams
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  • Quarterback Julian Sayin - 5-Star, No. 1 rated QBs are prized components to any team's roster. They are so valued, that many have no patience with a multi-season development plan. Maybe Julian Sayin would have won a Heisman at Alabama in the 2025, 2026 or 2027 season. In 2024, he was going to watch a lot of football. He was not going to leapfrog Jalen Milroe and probably not former 5-Star, Ty Simpson. Some Alabama fans are convinced the best QB on the Tide's roster to run the new offense is Dylan Lonergan. Alabama football insiders have stated the new staff is more sold on Washington transfer Austin Mack's potential than they were on Julian Sayin.
  • Offensive Tackle Kadyn Proctor - Proctor took some lumps in the 2023 season. On too many plays, his weakness against edge rushers derailed Alabama's plays. He got better as the season progressed. There is no doubt his experience gained would have made him a 2024 starter for the Crimson Tide. Alabama has other options and though inexperienced, two or three of them are believed capable of solid contributions in the 2024 season. Plus it is believed the addition of transfer Center, Parker Brailsford will make the entire OL (and QBs) better. ESPN predicts Brailsford as a first-team All-American.
  • Safety Caleb Downs - As discussed above, Downs is an outstanding player. He will be missed in Crimson and White. But Alabama has two guys for starting safety roles that can step in nicely. One is Malachi Moore who would have been drafted in an upper round had he chosen to make an NFL move. The other is Devonta Smith who has stuck with a development process despite multiple discouraging injuries. Now healthy, Smith's fourth season in Tuscaloosa should see him as a starter. Noteworthy to Crimson Tide fans is Devonta was an early vocal leader in holding the Tide roster together.

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