It will be a spring like no other for Alabama Crimson Tide football

Check out the latest information on several key changes Alabama Crimson Tide fans can enjoy this spring.
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Optimism abounds in Tuscaloosa. It comes from the new Alabama Football staff and Crimson Tide players. Alabama fans are also anticipating great things for the Kalen DeBoer era that can be said to begin on Mar. 4 with the first spring practice.

A major change that excites Crimson Tide fans is there will be media viewing periods during some spring practice sessions. Even more change comes from expanded access to DeBoer's coaching staff. Unlike Nick Saban's preference for his 'one voice' for Alabama Football, reporters will get more time with Crimson Tide assistants.

One of the new assistants, Defensive Coordinator Kane Wommack had a media session this week. Among his comments was what Wommack said about the meetings he has had with Nick Saban.

"I was promptly early. I told my wife it was like cramming for a final the night before making sure all my cutups and everything was ready to go for that meeting. Coach has been awesome. He's been helpful. He's honest. Gives me his real thoughts."

Kane Wommack

To provide the best insight Nick Saban had to learn the positions and their responsibilities in Wommack's 4-2-5 defensive system. The most enlightening statement Wommack used in discussing those meetings was "there's a ton of carryover in what we do and what Coach Saban has done."

Based on the photos below, Nick Saban came to his new office in his most cherished automobile.

On the 'awful' parking claim, there is doubt Nick Saban is entitled to park wherever and however he pleases on the University of Alabama campus.

Nick Sheridan on returning Alabama Football quarterback

Also this week Alabama Crimson Tide Offensive Coordinator, Nick Sheridan had high praise for Jalen Milroe. Talking about the Crimson Tide's returning starter at quarterback, Sheridan said,

"He’s an extremely talented player. I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. And he’s got a great attitude and a work ethic that’s really unmatched. I’ve really enjoyed the time that I’ve spent with him, as I have with the other quarterbacks in the room. It’s just a really quality room with great people."

Nick Sheridan

Sheridan provided an answer to a question for Crimson Tide fans. He will be the OC and play-caller for the Alabama football offense. Kane Wommack also stated that his defensive play-calling will be from the sideline rather than the coaches booth.