The Alabama Football team will be better at receiver in 2024 and it's not even close

2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama
2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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Ryan Williams, Jalen Hale, and Kobe Prentice will enjoy a lot of the play-action schemes that allow for multiple receivers open deep down the field. Ryan Grubb's play-action plays have been one of the more effective schemes in his offense and will allow for explosive plays in the offense. The use of play action freezes linebackers and safeties long enough for receivers and tight ends to get wide open. It will be a welcome sight following a season of contested throws.

The use of motion is something the Alabama defense struggled with heavily, especially in the Rose Bowl. The NFL's top offensive minds in Mike McDaniel, Kyle Shannahan, and Andy Reid have used motion to create explosive plays that are nearly impossible to stop. The use of motion in the Washington offense is one of the aspects Alabama Football fans should be excited to see implemented in 2024.

Alabama Football: The team is tasked with replacing a flawed offense

The important thing to remember heading into 2024 is the offense under Tommy Rees was relatively ineffective. Alabama had more talent in nearly every game they played and yet, scoring points against teams like Arkansas, USF, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, and Auburn was an absolute struggle. The problem for the Crimson Tide was a lack of explosive plays. Drives often needed to be executed to near perfection to score. The Ryan Grubb Kalen DeBoer offense is explosive. The speed at which the team can move down the field will be a welcome sight after the Bill O'Brien and Tommy Rees eras.

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