The Alabama Football transfer story has dramatically changed to one of success

Despite a large number of Transfer Portal losses, Alabama Football has the third-best transfer class in college football.
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It is amazing how fast Kalen DeBoer and his staff changed the Alabama Football 2024 transfer story. A most used word to describe the Alabama situation in January, February, and into March was meltdown. It was often predicted that transfer exits would peak for the Tide again soon after the spring game.

The spring flood never occurred. Still, the overall numbers were large. Including walk-ons, 247Sports' tracking shows 40 Crimson Tide players made transfer exits. The large exit numbers overstated roster concerns. One reason was the Alabama Crimson Tide's No. 2 ranked 2024 class added 25 players, including six Top 100 players, with four being 5-Star recruits.

Incoming transfers made up the difference with 15 additions, in every case addressing needs at a certain position. Can we say 40 out, and 40 in was a wash? An answer requires the future performances of the Crimson Tide's 40 additions. As in the Saban years, Crimson Tide fans can argue the rebuilt roster is loaded with talent. It is also talent suited to fit what Kalen DeBoer seeks to accomplish.

From an outside source, there is a recent ranking of the the nation's top Transfer Portal classes. The latest ranking is a strong rebuttal of the gloom and doom written about Alabama Football after Nick Saban's retirement.

Highly Ranked Alabama Football Transfer Class

According to Brad Crawford of 247Sports, Alabama has the No. 3 Transfer Portal class in college football. The only classes eclipsing the Crimson Tide are Ole Miss (No. 1) and Oregon (No. 2). Lane Kiffin and Dan Lanning grabbed Trey Amos and Peyton Woodyard. Amos could have had a key cornerback role in 2024. Woodyard was billed as a future star.

Much of the negative transfer buzz about the Crimson Tide resulted from player exits from Tuscaloosa to Ohio State and Florida State. Freshman All-American, Caleb Downs, 5-star QB signee, Julian Sayin, and former Tide starter Seth McLaughlin left for Ohio State. Florida State pulled away defensive back Earl Little II, wide receiver Malik Benson, running back Roydell Williams, offensive lineman, TJ Ferguson, and linebacker, Shawn Murphy.

Texas landed two Alabama players who would have prospered in Kalen DeBoer's offense; wide receiver, Isaiah Bond and tight end, Amari Niblack. Florida lured Jameer Grimsley into an Alabama exit and the Texas A&M Aggies snatched away former 5-star defensive back, Dezz Ricks.

It was a huge amount of exiting talent. Understandably those wishing for an Alabama demise were ripe for the Alabama meltdown stories. But the tale had not been fully told. Based on the 247 rankings, Ole Miss and Oregon out-transferred the Crimson Tide. Texas, Florida State, and Ohio State did not. Despite landing top Alabama, transfer talent, Texas is ranked No. 6; Florida State, No. 7 and Ohio State, No. 9.

A simple conclusion can be drawn. Alabama is still Alabama.

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