The worst Alabama Basketball coaches of all-time

The Alabama Crimson Tide has been fortunate to have some great basketball coaches. It has also had some failures. Let's consider the four worst, going back to 1961.

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Alabama Basketball benefitted from three outstanding coaches that preceded Nate Oats. They were Johnny Dee, C.M. Newton and Wimp Sanderson. In the 1950's Dee accomplished the highest winning percentage for a Crimson Tide basketball coach, at 73.1%.

The 12 seasons that Alabama Basketball was led by C.M Newton led the Crimson Tide its longest and best run of success. Newton brought the Tide up from a low level after Hayden Riley's tenure. It can be argued that Newton's 1976 team was the Tide's best ever. Longtime Newton assistant, Wimp Sanderson led the Crimson Tide to many seasons of sustained excellence.

Alabama won 63.2% of its games, despite a dismal start, in Newton's tenure. Wimp followed with a winning record of 69.2%. Nate Oats is currently at 68.5%.

Whether considering the best or the worst Alabama basketball coaches, context is essential. The Crimson Tide program deteriorated in the last two seasons of Mark Gottfried's tenure, so Anthony Grant had a tough rebuild. Avery Johnson faced a similar situation following Grant. The two Tide head coaches between Johnny Dee and C.M. Newton (Eugene Lambert and Hayden Riley), worked in an era before Athletic Director Paul 'Bear' Bryant decided to prioritize the success of Crimson Tide Hoops.

How serious was Bryant about building Tide basketball under C.M. Newton? He rescheduled a spring practice one year, to travel with C.M.'s team to an NIT game.