Three sets of Alabama Basketball full roster options for 2024-25

With the Kentucky nonsense out of the way, let's look at four Alabama Crimson Tide roster scenarios for the 2024-25 season.
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On Monday two important things occurred for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Nate Oats rejected a Kentucky opportunity and a buzz built about Alabama Basketball and NIL resources. Credible sources stated Greg Byrne used Kentucky's pursuit of Nate Oats to rake in new NIL funds. One way it has been described is Bama will be 'flush' with NIL roundball cash. If that oversells what is happening, let's call it Alabama will benefit financially from the growing coaching stature of Nate Oats.

Some Alabama basketball fans believe Oats is such a good coach, that it will not take Calipari-level, roster talent for the Crimson Tide to win a championship. And that's not just more conference championships, but the Big Dance Championship as well.

What a time to be an Alabama basketball fan.

Alabama Crimson Tide 2024--25 Roster Scenarios

Four different full roster scenarios are listed below. All are based on presumptions that can accurately be called guesses. What is assured is there will be roster changes beyond replacing Aaron Estrada who is out of eligibility. The changes are not expected to result in a roster upheaval like last year.

What will drive most decisions is money. Based on the prospect of an NBA contract or larger NIL deals, players should make sound financial decisions. For this season's NBA prospects, there are no guarantees of being drafted. In the range of NIL deals, no one can predict what will be offered by whom to play where. Another commodity for transactions is playing time. Last, and hopefully not least is what college program can provide the best development path to the NBA.

Presumptions on Apr. 9 that may hold true for weeks or may be cast aside as the roster situation evolves.

  • Grant Nelson's NBA feedback will provide no assurance he will be drafted. Rather than playing internationally or the NBA's feeder league, he will return to Alabama.
  • Mark Sears will be projected to be a late second-round selection. With the possibility of not being drafted, Sears will decide another college season will not enhance his NBA chance, and become a professional.
  • Playing time or the lack of it next season will cause 3-4 exits of Alabama players. The most likely two will be Mo Wague and Devin Cosby, but also possibly Nick Pringle and Mo Dioubate
  • Rylan Griffen will wait one more season before seeking an NBA opportunity. He will not leave Alabama for another college program.

Alabama Crimson Tide Scenario No. 1

  • Returning players - Grant Nelson, Rylan Griffen, Latrell Wrightsell Jr., Jarin Stevenson, Sam Walters, Kris Parker, and Mo Dioubate. New players - Derrion Reid, Aiden Sherrell, Naas Cunningham. Transfer players - Houston Mallette and two more TBD transfer additions.

Crimson Tide Scenario No. 2 - The same roster as above, minus Mo Dioubate and the addition of three new transfer players.

Crimson Tide Scenario No. 3 - The core group from Scenario No. 1, with Nick Pringle, but without Mo Dioubate, plus two new transfer players.

Crimson Tide Scenario No. 4 - Nate Oats hits a transfer gold mine and including Houston Mallette adds five transfer players for next season. After exits by Wague, Pringle, Cosby, and Dioubate the returning core in Scenario No. 1 would have to be pruned by one more to hit the 13 scholarship number.

However it plays out, it will be great fun for Alabama basketball fans.