What's going on with Alabama Football and the Transfer Portal?

A slow start in the Spring Transfer Portal does not mean Alabama Football will fail to meet its 2024 roster needs.
Gary Cosby Jr.-Tuscaloosa News / USA

The Spring Transfer Portal has been far from a dud for Alabama Football. Although it was well known before this week, the return of Kadyn Proctor is significant enough to mark the post-spring roster transition a success.

Alabama football fans have expected more action. Fueled by media speculation, Crimson Tide fans have anticipated some key player additions. That they have not happened yet does not mean there will not be more additions.

The roster will need some pruning before additions can be made. An unofficial count is the Alabama Crimson Tide has 85 scholarship players for the 2024 roster. That number includes Kadyn Proctor when he enrolls for classes this summer. Balanced against that number is speculation Kalen DeBoer is prepared to add four or five new players.

Earlier this week, Kalen DeBoer said. "We have a few scholarships open yet so you’re just looking for the right guys, the right fit." If the informal count of 85 is correct, does DeBoer's comment suggest he already knows about a few current players who intend to transfer out?

Another possibility is DeBoer and his staff have a list of three to six roster needs they hope to fill with new players. On multiple occasions, DeBoer has talked about needing a player or two on the offensive line and a player or two in the secondary. Alabama fans speculate the Crimson Tide might also need to add a placekicker.

Quiet Alabama Football Portal

So far the Alabama Crimson Tide roster has lost only a few walk-ons to the Transfer Portal. It is still early in the spring transfer cycle. A list of games provided by FB Schedules shows over 40 spring games are still to be played. Many players will wait on a transfer decision for the added feedback provided by spring games.

What we can surmise is there will be no rush of Alabama football players seeking new teams. DeBoer commented on the need for transfer additions not becoming disruptive, "I want to be really sensitive to the culture of our team and you don’t want to bring one in and lose two or three because of how that comes across and how it’s perceived. But if it’s someone who can really help our program, you’ve always, you know, got your eyes open and paying attention."

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