Why the Alabama Football team may not need to use the portal this spring

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While there are holes to fill in the depth chart, there are no true holes in the team or the roster heading into 2024 with the talent returning. It will be difficult to find players to replace the production of Dallas Turner or a Kool-Aid McKinstry but, Chris Braswell stepped in and replaced Will Anderson Jr just like Deontae Lawson replaced Henry To'oto'o.

2. Let the Freshmen play!

The second reason the Alabama Football team shouldn't attack the transfer portal is because they have the talent coming in to replace the departing players. True Freshman Ryan Williams may be able to immediately step in and replace the production of Jermaine Burton who led the team with 798 yards. Cornerbacks Zavier Mincey and Zabien Brown are two of the more polished high school cornerbacks Nick Saban ever signed while Jaylen Mbakwe has the talent to make an impact in year one.

The incoming freshman class will be the building blocks for Kalen DeBoer's era of Alabama Football. It'll make sense for DeBoer to allow the class of players that will be here the longest to make an impact early on to help their development while also preventing further departures. As a coach it would make the most sense to play the freshmen, sending a message to recruits that anyone can make an impact in year one.