Why the Alabama Football team may not need to use the portal this spring

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3. Reward the players that stayed

While a bunch of the players in the Alabama Football program jumped ship once Kalen DeBoer was announced as head coach a few sent a strong message by sticking with their commitment to the Alabama Football program. The commitment of these players should be rewarded rather than bringing in outsiders to compete with them for the starting jobs.

The Alabama Football team will be one of the most talented rosters in the country in 2024 without adding additional talent. Holes in the roster aren't as massive as it's been made out to be, with 2-3 potential replacements at every position. Sending a message in year one of the Kalen DeBoer era about loyalty while winning with the players who wanted to be here would be a strong message and rewarding for the program.

The difference in talent in the portal versus what's returning will likely be minimal. It's highly unlikely you'll find a true top cornerback or a true ten-sack edge rusher in the spring transfer portal. Unless the player in the transfer portal is an absolute slam dunk player Kalen DeBoer and his staff should hold off on adding on the margins in the spring for the sake of sending a message to the rest of the country.