Will youth be served for Alabama Football in 2024?

For Alabama Football in 2024, a young roster will need time to mature through game experience. Patience might be the key word as the team progresses.
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It is way too early to predict how well Alabama Football will perform in 2024. What we do know for sure is that the Alabama Crimson Tide will be VERY young in the '24 season.

There is an adage about youth. It is 'youth must be served', meaning for young people to reach their potential, others should be patient with the maturing process. We can debate whether the idea has any relevance for college football, but at least to some extent, it does. Younger players are more prone to mental errors than more experienced players. The often-used phrase of the 'game slowing down' is an apt description, but getting to that point requires meaningful game experience.

Why patience may a key word for Alabama Football in 2024

Currently, the Alabama Crimson Tide has 82 scholarship players. That count includes three who will not officially sign until Feb. 7. Of those 82 players for the 2024 roster, 55 will be first or second-year players. As many as 10 or more of the 55 could have important roles beyond special teams play,
in a two-deep or rotational role. A few might start.


To borrow one of Nick Saban's favorite phrases, the 2024 Alabama Crimson Tide will be a work in progress.

Percentage of first and second year players by position group

  • Inside Linebackers - Four of eight, 50%
  • Defensive Line - Seven of 14, 50%
  • Edge Rusher, Outside Linebacker - Five of seven, 71%
  • Defensive Backfield - Nine of 12, 75%
  • Quarterback - Two of four, 50%
  • Tight End - Three of six, 50%
  • Offensive Line - Nine of 13, 69%
  • Wide Receiver - Eight of 11, 73%
  • Running Back - Four of five, 80%

The main concern for the 2024 Crimson Tide roster is not talent. Alabama will have one of the most talented rosters in college football. The main issues are how many unproven players must be pressed into action early, and whether the short roster of experienced players means the Crimson Tide does not have adequate depth in some position groups.

There will be more Transfer Portal activity. Most Alabama football insiders expect most of it will come after the Portal reopens in late April. There is little doubt Kalen DeBoer will seek a few more, proven players.