Auburn Football: Your Weekly Auburn Zen – Kirby Edition


It’s that time again, where we kick the antbed that is the Auburn message boards. Rumors are flying that Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart has been hired as the next Auburn head coach, and things are heating up down on the farm. As always, spelling and grammar errors are in the originals.

"Kirby Smart, are you kidding me? Remember when Kevin Steele was the hot name at Alabama and was the next big thing? He went to Clemson and his defenses sucked every year and he got fired last year! Alabama is GREAT because of Saban and Saban ONLY! A friggin’ 36 year old defensive coordinator that Saban promoted after Steele left is not the reason why. The only reason Saban wants to keep Smart around so bad is because he knows the play calls and as Saban said “speaks the same language as me.” Smart has no idea how to be the head man of a program, hire staff, or anything that pertains to being a head coach. If people think he will bring the “process” to Auburn then you are kidding yourselves. If we hire Smart then we are truly the idiotic little brother."

"We all know Saban runs that defense. Smart just wears a headset."

"Petrino stands for winning. You know what else stands for winning? America. Clearly if you don’t support Petrino you don’t support winning and by extension you don’t support America. So to the non Petrino supporters, frick you you damn terrorizer"

"IF (and that is a big IF) this is true, you know Jacobs had to swallow a lot of pride. I wonder how many people have already turned the job down."

"Charlie Strong guys he is it period guys I know the facts look at his press conference today listen real close, he is gone and will turn auburn into a feared team again"

"Has this program taken such a nosedive that a rival’s DC that may POSSIBLY be better than our former HC be our best option other than Petrino?"

"Well fellas, it seems we really shite the bed during this search."

"If they hire kirby smart The ptb are retared…. Might as well have kept chizik if this is the case because round 2 of jj’s greatest phuck ups will make the last regime look like world beaters…."

"Its not that bad but its a cowardly hire that doesn’t instill confidence of advancing auburn football."

"Pat Dye likes him because he thinks Kirby is the second coming of himself. Both run 3-4s, both went to UGA, both coached at Bama under legendary coaches"

"I still don’t get why Gus would be a bad hire. I guarantee he takes a major program to a NC within the next 10 years. He was the only coach on our team. He’s a football nut and will work as hard as anyone in the business. He’s literally won EVERYWHERE that he’s coached at. I still think that Chiz handcuffed him in ’11..that was not his offense out there. He plays to the strengths of his players and adjusts accordingly. I still haven’t hopped off the Gus bus and he is my #2 behind petrino. The man is a offensive genius. And I really think he would stay out of the defense and just let the coordinator do his job, because he’d be so focused on the offense. He put Chris fricking Todd in the auburn record books until cam came along. What else do you need to know."

"Don’t ask me why, but I just have a gut feeling that if Kirby is hired he will be the next “former Saban assistant turned head coach” that will fail – ala- Bobby Williams, D. Dooley, etc."

"Just heard from my source….said we are looking for a new FB coach, who knew? Anyway says shite is getting real, and to hang on because we are in for a roller coaster ride. He said the situation is fluid with new names popping up like teenage boners. Says we will know who the new coach is when they introduce him at a presser (not sure what he meant by that). TIFWIW, but this guy is as solid as they come. When he’s thirsty he drinks blood from things he’s killed."

"So my question, do any of you take solace in the fact this will put a damper on UAT’s enjoyment of this season? I personally don’t care what’s going on in Tuscaloosa. Trying to mimic the top program in football puts you at least a 3-4 years delay of actually competing IF it’s done on par with Saban’s brand."

"If it’s true he will coach through their bowl game obviously, setting us back another month"

"If it is Smart Why even have a committee ? Just go to Pat Dye and ask “who do you want”. I believe JJ and PD are going to survive, but JG will be run out of town. At least this hire would be an unknown, and not a totally reckless hire *5-19."