Twitter Tuesday: Alabama Football Players Celebrate SEC Championship Win


Roll Tide to that.

Fluker’s tweets get me fired up, so I can only imagine what he does in the locker room/huddles.

Love that attitude.

Dreams coming true.

Roll Tide.

Nice picture of Landon Collins with the SEC Championship Trophy. I wonder if his mom is still mad about his decision to come to Tuscaloosa..

Roll Tide.

Can’t wait.

Amari Cooper is the man.

Feels good.

Why, it’s the SEC Championship trophy!

It sure is.

Third time in four years. Surreal.


Loved this.

Lacy was unbelievable. Well deserved MVP.

I love this team.

That’s saying something for a guy who already has two National Championship rings.

Roll Tide to that.

Tip of the cap to Geno Smith, who played very well at the Star on Saturday. Bright future.

Multiple.. so many heart attacks.

I’m sure Chris Black wanted to play, but it was probably for the best not to put him out there.

I was exhausted and I didn’t even play in the game. I can only imagine how they felt.

Can’t wait to play Notre Dame.

Loved seeing Julio and Mark Ingram on the sidelines for this game.

Incredible year for CJ Mosley.