Auburn Football: Your Weekly Auburn Zen – Recruiting Edition


It’s that time again, where we laugh and point at our poor kinfolk by visiting the Auburn message boards. This week things are heating up in the recruiting wars, and having one school’s logo tattooed on your forehead is not necessarily a sign that you intend to play football there…

"Haven’t caught up with Reuben Foster to see how his visit to Alabama went yet, but one thing I wanted to note: Foster came over to Auburn and met with the coaches briefly on Friday before leaving to go take his official visit to Alabama."

"Sounds like they wanted to wire him – just in case he was offered benefits not available elsewhere. They also wanted to give him some pointers on how to recruit Adams to AU. That’s what I’m believing until I hear it differently from the horse’s mouth."

"Well, with all these LB’s we’re recruiting he better be up front or he won’t have slot come February."

"Yeah. IMO, he came by to tell everyone bye."

"What’s the record for flipping the most commits to one school? Judging by the reactions from all of the visitors this weekend…..we may break it."

"Call me a bammer or whatever. Our fan base has a terrible attitude. It is not okay to lose or say we are still the Auburn family no matter what. We were down 25 to Kentucky tonight and people started chanting its great to be an Auburn Tiger. I’m sorry but that’s not me. It’s not so great right now. We suck at everything. Winning is the only option. It’s about time people get on board with that. Basketball Student section is filled with weird people. I bought season tickets so I didn’t have to deal with them. Yelling go to hell alabama at every sporting event is dumb. Yes we hate them but that just makes us look pathetic. Saying AU after we make free throws is pretty gay. I could go on but you get what I’m saying. Everyone has their embarrassing fans but we need to get our sh*t together and man up as a fan base."

"We act like we have never succeeded before and pretend that it’s ok to lose. Don’t know about you but I hate losing and hate the fact that some of you are ok with the way things are going. Student section is embarrassing no matter what you say. I had a 12 year old Kentucky fan behind me tonight that thought the same. I bought season tickets as well just to get away from that crap. If you are happy with what you see then all the power to you but I’m not and something needs to change"

"Problem with auburn “family” and my “family” is about on par with everybody else’s family. It’s an embarrassment overall but it’s still family. My uncle jim abuses aunt Peggy prob too much but it’s family u know. They get along fine for a period of time."

"Also, the same thing happens with football…in 09 when we had a supposed “moral victory” over Alabama…LMFAO. We lost. That’s it. Sorry, but I want to win; I don’t give a fvck about doing things “the auburn way” or having “integrity” or whatever else you idiots think Auburn has."

"They always take the recruits to Toomers drugs on their OV I hope Cam is getting his favorite glass of lemonade when they show up."

"Auburn Athletic Dept needs to get a grip. Why in the hell does it make sense to LIE about players height/weight? I don give a damn how many other schools do it, what is the damn point? I have watched every player lose inches when measured by NFL scouts. Now Lutz is listed at 6’3″ at the Sr. Bowl. Lutz was listed at 6’6″ out or high school and 6’5″ at Auburn. How is 6’5″ anywhere near 6’3″?"

"Looking at Wilson Bell’s shirt in the front page of Auburn sports and thinking about those daisy duke practice shorts.We need someone to manage to manage football ops from camps to practice gear at a higher level.Some of this stuff is just embarrassing .We have Under Armour so we should be looking first class in everything we do.Little things like gear for camps impresses recruits."

And finally, one Auburn fan seems to understand the difference between Alabama and Auburn football:

"The one thing that is working against Auburn is while football is cyclical and 99.9% of programs have ups and downs….Saban does not. Bama is going to be a powerhouse until he retires and for a couple of years after."