Auburn Football: Your Weekly Auburn Zen – Potpourri Edition


It’s time once again to run down the virtual baseline, taunting the fans by taking a look at what they’re saying on the Auburn message boards. It’s a general offseason malaise over there, but with no small amount of hopefulness as the Gus Bus is lowered down off the jacks for National Signing Day.

"It is quite strange that Trooper hasn’t been hired by anyone."

"With Rich B potentially leaving, Ive seen talk on here of moving SCott Fountain to on the field. Why not hire Trooper for SF’s current role. He would not have any real power, and would still be a recruiting tool. What say you?"

"Because he was probably the biggest reason why our team full of 4 and 5 star players acted like a buch of spoiled little fricks and had no work ethic."

"what is the man code for wearing Memphis Tiger gear on rare occasions? They are in no way a threat to my university. Just to support the city.Just curious on this matter."

"I found this article on the University of Tennessee today and it’s chilling when you consider the parallels between UT and what’s currently going on in the athletics department at Auburn. We hired an in-house good ole boy fundraiser instead of the most qualified candidate when we hired Jay to be the AD. He’s made a series of bad coaching hires and Auburn is on the hook for somewhere in the neighborhood of what UT is looking at. The only difference is we’ve had one losing season and haven’t had a significant decrease in season ticket sales. That’s why it’s crucial that Gus succeed."

"Ideally our money guys would give their money and not expect special access for it. I know that’s ideological, but no one needs coach’s cell number, to be on the sidelines during the game, travel with the team, etc. All that stuff is distracting and doesn’t help the team at all and should not be necessary to secure big donations."

"We find the strangest things to fret about. Serious question: Is paying off the coaches really hurting us? Personally, I like having them on payroll just so we can keep them quiet for a few years."

"As for Chizik’s gig with ESPN, that’s pretty ironic considering how convinced ESPN was that Chizik was a cheater and how hard they worked to try to convince everyone else. Telling that they think he is too dirty to be given credit as a national championship coach, but is clean enough to work for them."

"The problems for 2012 began with the country club atmosphere the Chizik seeimingly culitivated the years he was hear. Talking about CVG being a bad hire is like complaining about food being bad on the Titanic. The ship was going down no matter what happened. Had it been just a question of Xs and Os, we would not have seen this catastrophe. I have no doubt that CGC is a good man and so forth. Also, he made pretty good game decisions. What killed him was the overall administration of the program. There are many out there that say that CGC changed for the worse after the 2010 season."

"Saw this about Reuben Foster on Bleacher Report: “Something I forgot yesterday for you early birds: Walked past Reuben Foster’a family all decked out in AU gear. Mom wore “AU Mom” shirt.”"

"Oh, I’m sure Saban has them wearing that just to throw people off, then have him sign and have the media slobbering all over how he was able to flip him to Bama. They are a despicable excuse for humanity. Tuscaloosa and that “school” are wretched to the core."

"Our athletics department is a train wreck. 3-9 in football with multi-million in buyouts. Men’s basketball looks like they’ve folded already with embarassing loss after blowout loss. Women’s basketball on a skid. Very little hope for basketball in general. The good news our baseball team still has a shot at being one of the 12 teams (out of 14) who make it to Hoover. Yet Jay Jacobs is still employed and making almost $1 million a year. Sad. Just sad."

"Jacobs was a good ol’ boy hire that showed zero imagination and has sent a signal to the country that any Auburn job comes with pretty large outside strings. The results speak for themselves, unless you like paying a huge price tag for bad."

"My oh my, what will happen if football tanks under Malzahn? Will Bo and Pat get dragged thru the streets for a bad hire? Honestly, I can’t believe AU used it’s two most famous and popular stars to make this hire. Nothing to gain, much to lose from it."

"RE: Tiger recovering from cataract surgery. Maybe they should unretire her. These new eagles really aren’t getting the job done, what with the crashing into the windows, divebombing people, and darting out of the stadiums."

"Inexcusable loss. A team goes 4-17 from the free throw line and you still can’t beat them, even with a packed house and separate 9 and 10 point leads. If we had an AD Tony Barbee would be on the hot seat. Great shots of lil sis punks flipping off our crowd."

"I haven’t always bought in to the Conspiracy against Auburn but the 2010 Seasob seemed to change my opinion once and for all. The call on Fairley after he sacked whatever fairy they had then mick elroy or mack karen put me over the top. Fairley was flagged by an SEC official for unsportsmanlike conduct after a very minor celebration and yet nothing will come of a player shooting the bird to our fan base. I know these 2 events are not similar but how is celebrating a sack against your rival unsportsmanlike conduct and flipping the bird not punishable by the league."

"Please stop putting things in perspective and posting facts on this forum. Rationality has no place here and will not be tollerated. Consider this your warning."