Your Weekly Auburn Zen: Toomer’s Edition


In psychology, there is a term called projection. First conceptualized by Sigmund Freud, our old buddy Wikipedia refers to it as:

"a defense mechanism in which a person unconsciously rejects his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons in the outside world instead."

With the tragic events of Boston still fresh in our minds, it’s somehow not surprising that some textbook projection was going on among the Auburn faithful on A-Day weekend. Drink it in, people.

"Will updykes attempt disrupt A-day/Toomers? would not be surprised if they make their prescence known. Will security be an issue with the events in Boston?"

"Why do they do this!! I sure as heck wouldn’t go to their A day and wear Auburn clothes! Their presence at our events makes no sense at all!"

"the answer is they are a cult and are required to draw attention to the cult by wearing a required uniform. The goal is to disrupt, antagonize, ruin any event that does not pay homage, praise, or glory to their sickness. They will come and gloat, high five and sing prayers to their god on the fine work one of their terrorists did."

"Go read the Patriot Act. It calls Harvey Updyke a terrorist. It is up to the feds to prosecute him. You know that a good bit of the old campus is showing signs of old Harvey’s work. He poisoned the water table by his use of the herbicide."

"Will updykes attempt disrupt A-day/Toomers? Not to the extent that the Boston Marathon was disrupted. But I would not make any guarantees."

"the cult was admiring the work of one of their terrorists. Yes bammers are this state’s homegrown terrorist organization. They are all just a second away from violence if anyone dares blaspheme their god"

"The cult requires them to be seen at all public events that don’t involve them. They have to have constant attention because they have nothing else"

"I’m glad there was no Boston Marathon incident there. Any can base that celebrates a tree killer would have at least one who would consider doing something more heinous."

But not every Auburn fan is stuck in the past. One fan is already planning the next great Tiger tradition:

"Why don’t we arrange it so that every year on the evening before the UAT game that our coach walks the team silently though the campus to where the oaks were destroyed by the jealous fanatics of the team we are to play the next day. Let it be a serious occasion with him talking about what happened in 2010 and how it was done out of hate and jealously of our school and that we had the audacity to beat them and win a national championship which they thought only they were supposed to have. Let him talk about what it means to the fans and the school that the uat power structure has tried to destroy Auburn over the years even before they destroyed the oaks. Let him explain that every time we win we stike a blow for the freedom and right that is Auburn university and the oaks were a symbol of that. In the ceremony an original block of wood from the original trees would be held by each player on which they would promise with raise hand that they would to the best of their ability to give their all to defeating our arch enemy on the battle field the next day. Then they would place the wood back in a container for the team next year. After that they would silently board the waiting buses for the team hotel. If fans came they would respectfully stand at a distance in silence until the ceremony was over and the team walked to their buses. After the team was loaded then the fans can cheer them off with load cries of war eagle."