Blake Sims: A Chance To Make Dreams Come True


Alabama quarterback Blake Sims is probably a lot like the ones reading this and definitely me. No, not necessarily playing on a college football team for the number one team in America but more so the ride that you took to get to where you are today.

I’m sure there were and still are kids with big ideas of playing college football for their favorite teams. Some may have struck the “Heisman pose” in their driveway just like Sims did at his family’s home as a youngster. I know some of you probably remember selecting team captains on the playground, picking teams, and having all-time quarterbacks. In my younger days, I was picked as a receiver for my height or a quarterback. People wouldn’t believe it today if they saw me with my lineman stature.

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I moved on to learning and playing music. I got pretty good at it. I even got to play some pretty major things in Nashville in my time and am blessed to still be doing work in the music field. It wasn’t sports but it was another dream that I am thankful for.

I knew I wasn’t athletic enough to do anything with sports so I settled with music to concentrate on. Everyone needs a dream. Blake Sims has football.

Sims didn’t achieve what he has on his own and I think that he will tell you just that. Along with family, former coaches, and teachers that tutored him to get him eligible, they all did their part along with Sims to get him ready for this moment.

“That’s what Blake had — a village,” his father Sonny Sims told ESPN. “From his coaches to his friends, everybody has been good to him and he’s been good to us. It took all of us to get him to where he is today. God just kept sending people into his life. I’m probably the richest poor man you’ll ever meet.”

Nov 29, 2014; Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Blake Sims (6) throws the ball in the fourth quarter against the Auburn Tigers at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Then Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin was recruiting Sims to Tennessee. Sims even backed out of his commitment to the Tide until Kiffin left and took the USC job. During a recruiting visit with Saban, Sims did what it takes a man to do-he admitted that he made a mistake and of course, he eventually signed with Alabama.

All of those things helped in developing him into a great person with strength and patience. He had enough patience to sit in Tuscaloosa as a back-up quarterback and has even gone through position changes during his time there.

When practice for this season arrived, not many gave him a shot and thought that FSU transfer Jake Coker would win the starting job. I did, too.

Things may have started rough at the beginning of the season, but it’s rolling right along now. His determination and will to win has led Alabama from come backs that last year, I don’t know if the Tide would’ve won. As of right now, Sims is rated seventh in pass efficiency in the whole country and ahead of every other SEC quarterback. His 63-percent completion percentage leaves him 12 yards short of 3000 yards for the season.

What athlete doesn’t want a ring? They dream of them. The stage is set this Saturday for Sims to win one as a starting quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide. You couldn’t paint a better picture if you tried. All of us will be cheering for you, Blake. Just reach up and grab it.

You know, the more I think about it and after hearing him talk, that may not be his dream. His dream may just be being out there with his brothers and the ones he loves just playing football.

That’s more perfect.

But you know, I think he has an unbelievable shot at both.