Sugar Bowl 2015: Nick Saban Wednesday Press Conference Notes


Coach Nick Saban met with the media on Wednesday in New Orleans for the final time until after Alabama takes Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl. Check out the highlights below. You can also click the link at the bottom to view video of the press conference on

Saban opens by thanking everyone associated with the Sugar Bowl for their hospitality as well as their hard work for creating a great environment in New Orleans.

He’s been pleased with the way the players have maintained their focus on this game against a very, very good Ohio State team. This is a challenge that all competitors look forward to and the players have kept their noses where they need to be.

On a question about advice to Jim Harbaugh about making the transition from NFL back to college, Saban says he is concentrating on things that will help his team after all of their hard work. Says he really has no thoughts right now because of that.

Saban said that the entire staff and players have responded well to the standard that they want to adhere to. The staff can set the standard but the players have to buy in and they have done that.

On preparing the team with the possibility of another game: This is the only game that matters. Not treated like another bowl game. After the Ole Miss game, they were one negative experience away from being out of the race. Once they know the outcome of this one, they will shift their focus.

On Ohio State quarterbacks: Saban believes Ohio State will sort of have a two quarterback system. Respects both guys and their abilities. Whatever they choose to do may not be what they have prepared for so they will have to adjust.

Saban says he really doesn’t look back on his accomplished. He says nothing that has happened in the past will affect the future. Always look to the next game. He wants to give his players the best chance to be successful.

On T.J. Yeldon: He’s practiced each day that they have been in New Orleans. Will probably be a game time decision but hopeful he will be able to make a contribution.

Saban believes that all four teams in the playoff have earned their way in especially considering their body of work and accomplishments at the end of the season. Saban said he really doesn’t have an opinion on which teams shouldn’t or should be in. He says there is no debate that four of the best teams made it in.

Saban said that they have confidence in the back-up running backs. They are capable of going in and doing a good job for the Tide.

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Ohio State has made a tremendous improvement with a lot of young guys and that’s why they are playing in New Orleans. Bama’s players responded well to the Ole Miss loss when others were saying that it was the end of everything that Alabama had accomplished. Saban said that he doesn’t see any perfect teams out there.

Ohio State has great receivers and Bama’s secondary must play the ball aggressively. Bama must play well on the back end and keep people cut off.

Saban says that Alabama has a vision of what they want to accomplish and a process that they believe will help them attain their goals. Alabama has created a program that has a lot of value to players to help them be more successful in life.

Blake Sims has done a phenomenal job for Alabama and deserves a lot of credit for his hard work that he did to get to where he is now.

You can view the video of the press conference on