SEC Media Days: An Apology For Six Points For Alabama Periodical


This week at SEC Media Days a group of young gunslinger magazine writers are making waves.
If you see reporters or bloggers commenting on other bloggers or commenters on social media during SEC Media Days, instead of you know actual the coaches and players, it’s not a good sign.
The team from… let’s call them “Six Points for Alabama Periodical”, has become the infamous joke of Media Days. It’s not that they are really doing anything wrong really, it’s just that there are a ton of them and they appear amateur.
Some of the questions “Six Points For Alabama Periodical” asked of Gus Malzhan might seemed a bit biased to the casual onlooker. They also seemed to have brought about 70 guys to media days and they are all asking six questions each.
Twitter has been rather merciless and hilarious about the whole thing.

Now some of those are totally fair, and some of those are probably going a bit far, but they are all funny and speak to the reputation the periodical in question is getting.
So to anyone who thinks all Bama publications are like that, I apologize, we aren’t.
I’m not going to go out and try to be the next Kirk Herbstreit, we already have a Herbbie. I’m also not going to go out and try to be the next Finebaum; one Finebaum is all we will ever need thank the Lord. I’m a guy who does humor, jokes, and some hot takes, I know what I am.
I really shouldn’t try to be the next great ESPN reporter, if folks want ESPN they can go to ESPN. If folks want funny cartoons mixed with Alabama takes, they can catch them here.
I honestly think it’s not just the questions that are making the guys from Six Points For Alabama Periodical so annoying, it’s also that they are taking themselves so seriously. You guys just do you OK?
When you’re out there trying super hard to be something you’re not:

So many folks in this business are afraid to just be who they are on blogs and podcasts. One of the great thing about blogs and podcast is that we don’t have to be the same as newspapers. If you’re looking for readers be honest about who you are and they will come. Readers can sense the fake and pushy stuff a mile off.
I appreciate you guys listening to my rant on blogging and the media. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go finish a cartoon comparing Tennessee and North Korea.

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