Les Miles’ Stance On Johnathan Taylor Is Hypocritical


Les Miles said that he wouldn’t have taken former Georgia and Alabama defensive tackle Johnathan Taylor; because Les Miles is a stand up guy right?
Les Miles gave CBS a diatribe about all the reasons that Johnathan Taylor was a scumbag and he didn’t want him at LSU. Miles all but called the guy a liar.
I’m not defending Johnathan Taylor, but coming from Les Miles there’s only one word for this… hypocrite.
Well first off LSU did want him, they stayed in contact with his attorney about his case according to Tiger Sports Digest. But let’s just put Taylor aside, what about the other players with similar misconduct that LSU has taken or kept?
LSU took Zach Mettenberger even though he had not only been charged, but plead guilty to two counts of sexual battery.
What about when LSU Quarterback Jordan Jefferson kicked a Marine in the head?
Or the ultimate example, running back Jeremy Hill. Jeremey Hill came to LSU after he pled guilty to “carnal knowledge” of an under age young woman.
What this boils down to is that Les Miles gave a scholarship to a senior who pressured a 14 year old girl to give him and a friend oral sex in a locker room. Let’s not even get started on how the LSU alum judge let Jeremy Hill escape without out a more serious charge.
Jeremy Hill wasn’t done though, then this happened:

Oops Jeremy Hill went and punched someone in the back of the head! Time to plead guilty to misdemeanor battery for another LSU alum judge and let the team vote him back.
Yes after everything Hill did Les Miles let him back on the team because he said the team wanted him back. Good job Les, you are a shinning paragon of virtue.
Les Miles is being hypocritical and dishonest with his oh so hot takes on Johnathan Taylor. Had Taylor piked LSU over Alabama I’m sure we’d be hearing a different tune from ole Les.
Les’ morality stance is interesting though. Could it be that Les sees the writing on the wall for the Tigers this season and is already preparing the new “we didn’t win as many games, but we are such good men” strategy? I’m sorry Les, but you’re no Mark Richt.
Would I have put Johnathan Taylor on the team? No, I wouldn’t have. Do I think Saban was being sincere about wanting to give him a second chance? Yes, I do.
The great thing about me saying that though is that saying it doesn’t make me a hypocrite. I don’t have a history of excusing crimes against women and violence… Les Miles does. The only person in the world less qualified to give Nick Saban this lecture right now would be Jimbo Fisher.

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