Kirby Smart Fan Day Press Conference Recap


It’s now Kirby Smart’s turn to talk to the press; today might be the only time this season we get to hear from Alabama’s Kirby Smart and Lane Kiffin.

Kirby Smart on Dillon Lee, a player that plays all over the field.

Kirby Smart obviously thinks Mel Tucker is going to have an impact on the Alabama DBs.

Smart on SEC offenses and how much they vary from opponent to opponent.

Smart on the rise of the run pass option play on offense.

Smart also points out that Ohio State and Auburn are not just spread teams.

A little coach speak never hurt anyone.

Smart backs up what Nick Saban said about Reuben Foster.

Smart on Shaun Dion Hamilton.

…and Rashaan Evans.

More Reggie Ragland praise, this time from Kirby Smart.

Smart on one of the major flaws in last year’s defense.

…and one way to fix that flaw.

Kirby Smart gave us a little more coach speak and fewer soundbites than Lane Kiffin, but that’s to be expected since Kiffin is dealing with the quarterback competition and he’s Lane Kiffin.

Smart seems to be happy with his defense, but realizes that there are some issues. To me this shows that the Alabama defense of the last two years still isn’t where Kirby Smart would like to have it. That could be comforting for some who feel like our D hasn’t been as dominate lately as it once was.

College football is certainly shifting in favor of the offense lately, some of the rule changes hamper the kind of killer choking defense that Alabama fans want. Our defense may never get to be quite as dominate as it was in 2009 again, but hopefully Kirby Smart has them headed back in that direction.

Great stuff today from both Kiffin and Smart.

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