Lane Kiffin Fan Day Press Conference Recap


It’s Lane Kiffin’s turn to talk to the press on Alabama fan day and it might be the only time we hear from him all year long.

Lane Kiffin on replacing Amari Cooper

Clearly you can’t have an Amari Cooper every year, but there are guys that Lane Kiffin is excited about.

One guy really stands out among all the others in Lane Kiffin’s eyes though.

OJ Howard is also getting a lot of praise.

Lane Kiffin on the quarterback situation; he echos much of what Nick Saban said.

Kiffin says he will tailor the offense around whoever wins the QB competition and points to last year as an example of that.

He also talks about Jacob Coker and the expectations put on him early last year by the fans and media.

For everyone who wanted Lane Kiffin to run the ball more last year.

Kiffin on offers he got on other jobs last year or this offseason.

Lane Kiffin did great with his press conference; I really wish we’d get to hear more from him this year, but that’s not Saban’s way.

Kiffin’s take on the quarterback situation makes it even more clear that even though I’m sure the coaches have a front runner in mind nothing is set in stone yet. It continues to make me thing that we will see multiple QBs for the first few games of Alabama’s season until one truly wins the job, much like last year.

Next up is Kirby Smart.

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