Nick Saban Fan Day Press Conference Recap


Nick Saban is talking to the media before this afternoon’s open practice and fan day.

Saban seems to be in a pretty good mood today and is clearing up everything from injury news about Cam Robinson to updates on the quarterback battle.

Last night’s message board freakout about Cam Robinson’s injury seems to have been for nothing; Cam Robinson will be fine.

Cam Robinson wasn’t our only injury news of the day.

Ragland and Foster get the illusive positive to the press Saban praise.

Saban is even acknowledging how hot it has been… so it’s basically been the surface of the sun out there.

Now on to the QB situation.

So is that Saban giving us a clue about who the starting QB will be? I’ve said for a while I thought it would be Jacob Coker to start and then one of the young guys would make the job his a few weeks in, and that certainly sounds like it could be a possibility.

The other side of that coin is though that Saban could be saying that one of the young guys is the best choice now and for the future, he’s clarifying that his choice is based on now though, not future potential.

I don’t think we are going to get a clear answer on the QB situation until the first game… maybe the third.

Saban then went on to talk about the loss to Ohio State, briefly.

I really hope our guys have learned from that big postseason loss this time, I also hope we avoid the Sugar Bowl for a while.

Stay tuned to Bama Hammer to hear what Kirby Smart and Lane Kiffin have to say.

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