Alabama 1st Scrimmage Live Blog


Today could be a big day for Alabama football. Nick Saban says that today’s scrimmage will have an impact on the Alabama quarterback competition. Could we find out who the top contenders are by the end of today? We will just have to wait and see.


We will give you all we can from the scrimmage, but please remember that there is only so much that can be shared about scrimmages.

We won’t be getting any stats folks, so that’s it. What do you think of Bama after scrimmage #1, let us know in the comments below.

“I’ve seen Derrick Henry carry the ball enough not to make him go out there and carry the ball in a scrimmage that means nothin to nobody.” – Nick Saban

“I do see players trying to get the ball out, the emphasis has paid off.” – Nick Saban

Mrs Terry was at the scrimmage and Saban says he will get an earful about who she thinks was the best quarterback was.

“You gotta win the team.” – Nick Saban

“The way I see it happening is, ya know, as soon as we start gaining a little bit of confidence in a guy, like you have a chance to be the guy, then they have to take advantage of that.” – Nick Saban

Nick Saban says Alabama met with Ohio State and TCU and some of the teams that did no huddle. Says he isn’t saying Bama will be a no huddle team. Saban says Alabama met with teams to figure out the best system to do no huddle.

“We had several interceptions today and that is a good thing.” – Nick Saban I assume Saban means it’s a good thing for the defense.

Saban did single out Minkah as having done a good job.

All in all we (the secondary) were a lot better. – Nick Saban

We’ve had a really productive 10 or 11 practices, we aren’t disappointed at all in the players work ethic, but we aren’t satisfied with where we are. – Nick Saban

Robert Foster strained his knee towards the end of the scrimmage. – Nick Saban

I don’t think we need a quarterback that can win the game, we need good choices and keep up in the game. – Nick Saban

Nick Saban says that from a quarterback standpoint he can’t say that one guy looked better than another… all did good things and all did some things that aren’t so great. He’d love to see one of the guys take the bull by the horns.

Nick Saban says Alabama had offensive success at the end of the scrimmage.

It’s early and this is one scrimmage, let’s not play chicken little here, but the QB situation is bumming me out.


-The quarterback situation is still murky and no one looked great out there. David Cornwell probably had the best day.

-The defense looking really good makes me worry that perhaps the offense is just really bad.


-Minkah is impressive.

-Stop worrying about who we have behind Derrick Henry because Damion Harris is real.

-Defense is going to be better than we’ve seen in the last few years.

-The lines look really great.

-Adam Griffith kicked a long field goal.

-The starting running backs didn’t play, so seeing them with the line might still be something special. Could we be looking at an old school pound the ground Bama team?

We will give you the updates from coach Saban’s press conference live right here as well.

This is something, but I worry when one side of the team looks really good. I remember a few years back when Arkansas thought they had the greatest offense in the world after the spring game and it turned out they just had the worst defense ever instead.

Rock, paper, scissors time?

I am confirmed in my theory.

I would certainly doubt that we are going to get QB stats with the problems some of the QBs have had. Not that I think we would have really gotten them if the QBs had been outstanding.

There have been more than a few interceptions today.

Cornwell getting in the game now.

Bateman is getting time at QB now.

Minkah Fitzpatrick y’all.

This isn’t as encouraging as we would have hoped, I might start drinking soon.

Adam Griffith hit a 49 yard field goal. That makes you feel a little better right? RIGHT?

This is ominous sounding.

Well this doesn’t sound like it means we will find out a lot about the QBs today.

You do what you gotta do.

Chris Black is still wearing the black jersey and probably won’t be doing much today.

Kenyan Drake doesn’t look to be participating in the scrimmage.

Coker and Morris getting some throws in before the scrimmage.

The Alabama quarterback situation might get a lot clearer today. Who will be left from Jacob Coker, David Cronwell, Blake Barnett, Alec Morris, and Cooper Bateman?

My biggest questions are with Barnett. Most think he has the most talent and might be the future of the tide at QB, but is he ready to lead now or will he need a redshirt year?

Oregon State wide receiver transfer Richard Mullaney is getting some time in, will we see him in the scrimmage?

Kirk Herbstreit and Lou Holtz are on hand for the scrimmage today.

It’s a lovely day for a scrimmage.

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