The SEC Tinder Game

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Lane Kiffin – the playboy of the SEC

Turn-Ons: just you bae

Turn-Offs: getting fired in parking lots, Al Davis, ugos

Body Type: covered in a long sleeve t-shirt that is four sizes too big

Eyes: hidden by my shades

About Lane:

Have you ever seen the show Magnum PI? That’s basically what my life is like.

What Are You Looking For In A Partner?

I’m looking for sort of a Natalie Portman, but with blond hair, and really tall, and under 110lbs, the Lane has standards.

What Do People Notice First About You?

I’m man pretty and dangerous as hell when scheming on a bubble screen.

Favorite Band: Fallout Boy

Favorite Movie: Avatar

Religion: Bro… the big man has my back. Have you seen what kind of career luck I’ve had?

Sexual Preference: nightly and rightly baby

A Random Fact About You: I was once offered a position as a Lacoste fragrance model.

If You Could Be Any Animal What Would It Be? a peacock, get your strut on

If You Didn’t Do What You Do Now, What Would You Do? I’d be Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt would be me

3 Things You Can’t Live Without: my long sleeve tees, visors, lemon juice for my hair

Did Lane’s charms work on you, or will you continue your search for true SEC love?