Alabama Football: Wisconsin vs. Alabama, Best Tweets of the Night



In case you missed, and if you did I would suggest finding another site to patronize, Alabama kicked off their season last night against the Wisconsin Badgers ans according to the Associated Press the Badgers are the 20th best team in all of NCAA…until last night.
Like any Alabama game there were ups an downs. Thankfully there were a lot more positives from last night than negatives. I don’t think I am alone when I say I was surprised how well Jacob Coker performed.
Coker had an incredible night when you compare the lack of off-season hype to how well he executed the offense. Like every Alabama game, there were plenty more winners then those on the field. I’m talking about our incredible armchair quarterbacks. I will admit am one of those as well. What did these professionals think of the game? Let us turn to Twitter and see what everyone was buzzing about. There were many hashtags used last night, according to several site the hashtag ABC pushed, #WISvBAMA was used well over 10,000 times. So what was everyone discussing? Let’s break it down.

Our resident Bammer who takes the airwaves 5 days a week from 2-6 had this to say about the the oxygen breathing truck we call Derrick Henry. 56 yards is a long way, but something tells me this will not be the longest of the season. It will not even the longest run against a top ranked opponent.

No comments needed. We all understand.

I think everyone was surprised by his poise and ability to stick in the pocket. I think we may have found our quarterback for the season. Of course, Saban will not admit that for the next 3 or 4 games.

This one isn’t from last night, but anytime a FSU fan decides to say something absurd I thoroughly enjoy pushing it back in their face. Ben, I believe Coker is sleeping and smiling right now. He deserves it. Florida State never deserved him.

I have no idea how they decide what pictures to put up, but if that means give the ball to Henry and let him push everyone out of the way I am all for the Seattle Supersonics and the Tasmanian Devil.

SURPRISE! Unless you simply pay attention.

If last night was our baseline then this team has a lot more potential than more people could have imagined.

Nick Saban has a creepy way of staring into the camera. I believe he is peering into the souls of everyone watching, so this tweet is on point.
We played a great game and should have many more this upcoming season. If you find a funny tweet on Twitter send them to me! If I receive enough I’ll make a second post. Roll Tide everyone, Roll dang Tide.

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