Ole Miss Fans Think Bama Is Keeping Tunsil Out


Ole Miss fans believe that Alabama is behind the NCAA not making a decision on Laremy Tunsil playing; It’s a grand conspiracy y’all.

Either Ole Miss fans have been sitting out in the sun too long or they’ve been talking to Auburn fans because they’ve gone college football conspiracy nutty. Ole Miss star Laremy won’t be playing on Saturday, he’s sitting out while awaiting a decision on his eligibility from the NCAA.

The Ole Miss fanbase apparently believes that Alabama is behind this. You see Alabama is paying off the NCAA to keep Tunsil out of the Ole Miss game because Nick Saban is scared… yep, that’s what they actually think. Don’t take my word for it though, here’s a fine collection of Ole Miss fans explaining how Alabama and then man are keeping them down.

If there’s one thing the NCAA is about it’s protecting and never hurting Alabama… wait, no it’s not.

Actually it’s in Indiana, you may be thinking of the SEC headquarters in Birmingham.

Nick Saban is behind Tunsil being out and 9-11 and the Kennedy assassination and you don’t have any proof that he isn’t!

By “TheNetwork” I think they mean ESPN. ESPN has a vested interest in keeping players out, and faking the moon landing, and OH GOD THE BLACK HELICOPTERS ARE COMING FOR ME!

Yeah, because the NCAA has never ever screwed Alabama.

An accusation so shocking it needed a second question mark.

The last time Ole Miss beat Alabama at home it was 1988, but yeah this is fear talking.

Saban wouldn’t drink beer, alcohol impairs your judgement, could hurt the process, and might lead to smiling.

Pam just learned what the word “hostage” means and is really excited about using it.

Yep that’s the NCAA, Alabama’s BFF.

Those Bama dollar signs are evil man.


Ole Miss fans aren’t just tweeting at the NCAA, they are also pleading their case to a higher power.

Is there anything more Ole Miss than tweeting to Donald Trump about the NCAA? I hope that guy was wearing a red and blue bowtie when he did it.

To be fair I think the Tunsil issue is crap and the kid should play, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to laugh at tinfoil Ole Miss fans. Keep tweeting Ole Miss fans, I bet those tweets are really making a difference.

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