Alabama Vs. Ole Miss: College GameDay Signs


Bama Hammer has you covered if you are missing College GameDay and all of the signs from fans as they get ready for Alabama vs. Ole Miss.

Students started arriving last night to get the ideal spot to see the show. Alabama men’s basketball coach Avery Johnson showed up last night to fire up the crowd and to bring everyone some pizza. He even provided some Avery Johnson cutouts for the Tide faithful to use. #BuckleUp

That is pretty easy for some eligible bachelors wanting to make the quick trip. I am sitting here wondering how long it will take me to get there.

Here is one young fan trying to get a date with Sam Ponder. You may have to take her daughter, Scout, and possibly her husband Christian. You never know. I would give it a shot. There is just something about a woman that knows football.

I had no idea that Gus Malzahn goes digging for gold during games. I have no words. They do broadcast these games.

TROLL STATUS: ELITE! Nothing like a Jacksonville State sign when your in-state rival had to have an overtime to eek out the win.

I really like this one. It’s just like I said last night. Ole Miss could find Atlanta during the first of December if you just dropped them off at the 20/285 split. They will bring some frozen chicken fingers and Great Value potato salad to talk about it.

No words are needed. They will probably lose today too.

The Heisman campaign is full swing but in a downward spiral

Here we see one of the well-known butthurt Auburn establishments. You are our rival. You do the same thing. The only difference is that I don’t care what you do. Thanks for your support.

He makes me cry too.

Great shot of the crowd on hand.

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