Dear Media, Your “THE ALABAMA DYNASTY IS OVER” Story Is Asinine


Alabama lost a football game last night, so this morning the media is churning out stories on one of their favorite click-bait topics: “Is the Alabama Dynasty Over?”
First let me say congrats to Ole Miss, they are an outstanding football team and deserved to win the game against Alabama. This article is not meant to take anything away from their win, because it was impressive. Good on you Rebs!
Over the last few years whenever Alabama loses a game we see the same thing from the media: “ALABAMA LOST A GAME OH LAWD THE DYNASTY IS OVER, ALABAMA IS ON FIRE, PLANES ARE FALLING OUT OF THE SKY, NICK SABAN IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE NEW KING!” Whether it’s ESPN or the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, there are media organizations giddy with excitement over how much traffic they are about to get slamming Nick Saban and Alabama.
The media can’t wait to do stories on whether or not the Alabama dynasty is over. The reason for this is clicks. There are a lot of folks who hate Alabama, because Alabama is dominant; don’t forget the LSU fans who will click on anything trashing Nick Saban. Writing a negative story about Alabama and Nick Saban gets you a ton of attention and clicks.
We Alabama fans are part of the problem too. We see an article talking about how Alabama is done and we just have to click on it and defend the Tide; when we should really just let it go.
Furthermore it’s just nonsense. Alabama has lost 12 games in 7 years. No other program in the country has that kind of record right now, especially in the SEC. In football you are going to lose games, but every time Alabama has lost a few games under Nick Saban they have come right back the next year.
The media declared that Alabama’s dynasty was over and destroyed by Les Miles in November 2011 when the LSU Tigers beat Alabama at home 9-6… then Alabama went on to beat LSU and win the national championship.
What makes this especially disingenuous of the media is that the standard they seem to hold Alabama’s dynasty to isn’t the same they hold other dynasties to. No one expects the New England Patriots to win every game. But if you think the New England dynasty is over, that they aren’t the number one Super Bowl threat, even with everything going on, you’re crazy.
It’s a long season and Alabama has the nation’s toughest schedule. This Alabama football team has problems, more problems then the teams we’ve seen at Alabama in recent history, but if you’re ready to count Alabama out as a dominant factor in college football for the foreseeable future you’re either crazy or just trying to churn out some click-bait.

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