Alabama Fans Need To “Act Like We’ve Been Here Before”


Alabama lost this weekend and some Alabama fans are having a hard time dealing with it; it’s time to follow that old sports adage and “act like you’ve been there before”. Usually that statement is used to call out fans of teams who don’t win much acting insane after a win, in our case it’s the opposite. We need to act like we know how to lose with grace.
Alabama lost to Ole Miss this weekend and some fans are acting like it’s the end of the world… or solar system… or the universe. I saw temper-tantrum after temper-tantrum from our fanbase on Saturday night, yes I was at the game.
I’m not talking about the folks who left the game, I’m talking about the folks yelling at the folks who left the game. If you paid for your ticket then you can do whatever you want with it, if you’re over being at the game you should leave. I stayed until the very end myself, but I have no problem with folks leaving when they got discouraged. I also have no problem with folks who turned off the TV that late and went on to bed.
The best example of this was an angry little gnome of a man in our section who decided that he was the fan police. He took it upon himself to yell at anyone who groaned, moaned, or said anything critical of the Tide. He yelled at women in our section because “he was tired of listening to them.” If you can’t handle seeing your team lose, and are going to lose your mind if someone at a football game says something you don’t like, then don’t go to the football game.

Everyone reacts to losing differently, and all this fan policing and fussing at each other is ridiculous. Here’s what it boils down to: Don’t be a jerk. Don’t yell at the fans of the other team for celebrating, we would be celebrating too. Don’t yell at fans of our team who get discouraged… or yell at Eddie Jackson for not wrapping up for the 300th time. Get over the loss, it’s a football game, and don’t take it out on others. If it upsets you so much that people are leaving the game then spend the money and buy a ticket yourself. If you aren’t willing to pay for the ticket then you don’t get to be critical of those who did.
In the end Alabama fans need to act like we have lost before, because we have. I went to Alabama when Mike Shula was our coach, I’ve seen us lose and lose big.
It’s fine to be upset, but all this taking it out on other Alabama fans is stupid. I think it’s time we learn to be Alabama in winning and losing.

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