An Interview With Future Alabama Star Kicker Eddy Pineiro


I had the pleasure of speaking with Eddy Pineiro, arguably the most talked about recruit for Alabama Football…and he is a kicker! Eddy Pineiro stuck out on Alabama Football fan’s radars because he is a well spoken young man, continues to play two sports in high school, had the opportunity to be a start playing soccer in the NCAA. With a little luck (for Alabama Football) he decided to attend a camp. If you’re an Alabama fan don’t know Eddie Pineiro yet, you should get to know him soon.
Eddy Pineiro’s latest video, which will go viral soon if it hasn’t already can seen below:
This young man’s positive attitude shines through social media on a daily basis as can be seen from the tweet below:

I had got the opportunity to talk to Eddy this morning about being a kicker and what made him look at Alabama.
Let’s start from square one. From what I can tell you were not considering playing NCAA football, but attended a camp hosted by Alabama. What motivated you to even come out to the camp?
I wanted to compete against the best kickers in the nation and I’m a very competitive person I want to be the best in anything I do and I think I have a good chance to support my family which we struggled in the past with money issues so kicking a football I have a good chance to help them in the future.
Obviously, once you attended you grabbed the attention of a lot of major schools. From memory it was the University of Florida, the University of Alabama and the University of Miami. What were the key factors that helped you decide to join us in Tuscaloosa?
Well I got offers from a couple of big division 1 schools and I chose Alabama because of how great the facilities were. I really like Nick Saban and his program is the best in the country, and the exposure as well.
It is widely known your family are Miami fans. How did they react when you decided to become part of The Crimson Tide?
Well, they support me in every decision that I make my dad loves the Hurricanes but he loves me and wants the best for me. They are happy that I have a opportunity to play for the best team in the nation.
How much do you think soccer has contributed to your success as a place-kicker in high school, and shortly collegiate, sports?
It’s helped me with getting stronger all the running and exercises that we do all gets me stronger for kicking as well.
If you had not decided to play football in college would you have continued your soccer career? If so, what schools would have been interested in attending?
If I didn’t play football I had  full scholarships to multiple division 1 schools. I was the leading goal scorer in South Florida. It would be hard to chose what soccer school I would of liked to attend.
When it comes to place-kicking, how much of it is physical and how much of it is mental?
90 percent mentally and 10 percent physically in my opinion.
How comfortable are you outside of your comfort zone?
Very comfortable, in my opinion, I was always known for being a captain for my team and a leader. I handle pressure very well.
If, and I say this lightly because I have been following you for a long time, you have a bad kick or two what is your process to refocus?
Mentally get back into it. Kicking has a lot to do with the mind and a lot of confidence. It’s not always about making it, it’s about how do you respond when you don’t make the kick.
Finally, can you continue to make these incredible videos? I don’t know a single person across Bama Nation who does not enjoy watching you do work.
Hahaha! Yea, people think it’s crazy what I do, but I look at it like a great opportunity to help Alabama win another national title when I get up there.
I don’t know about the rest of Bama Nation, but I am ready to have this class act on our campus. He not only brings a great foot, but a great mentality and positive attitude. If you are not following Eddy Pineiro on Twitter click here and give him a follow. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

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