Alabama Football: Most Honest Tweets of the Day


Wow! We beat a cupcake team. First off, thank goodness. Had we not pulled off a big time victory against the Warhawks I’m pretty sure Alabama Football would have melted down into a puddle of rage, sadness and remorse. Let us reflect back on some of the tweets that help us summarize another day in the books for Alabama Football.

This will never be a bad thing. Any day when The Crimson Tide wins and the barn loses is a great day. Especially the style in which the barn lost. I mean, that Aubietron caught all of that fantastic action. I think we can on and say Auburn is not a threat this year. Without a quarterback that can run Auburn can’t truly execute their fast paced offense. Amazing how everything comes full circle.

Absolutely should have been sung and heard throughout Bryant-Denny and Tuscaloosa alike, but let us not forget this coming weeks opponent is both away and much tougher. It will be a battle of the quarterbacks. Should be interesting, but till then…give ’em hell Alabama!

Love the attitude. Bam’s attitude reflects the attitude of many Alabama fans right now. We are riding high and enjoying it. Rightfully so, we shutout an opponent. However, it is not the defense we should be focusing on…it is our offense. I know we will find a game plan that works for Georgia, but I hope we find it as soon as possible. I bet you do as well.

I’m not a huge fan of putting my own tweets into these write-ups, but I could not find this picture anywhere else. If we ever need reassurance of the dedication and how large the Alabama fanbase is, here is a prime example. This young man was toughing it out at the LSU v. Syracuse game proudly wearing his Alabama Football t-shirt. Roll Tide nationwide!

Honestly, with the questions we have at offense and the time of the season we are getting into I don’t blame you one bit. I hope it’s a stiff drink and you can enjoy every game for the rest of the season. Roll Tide, James.

I think some of this tweet was lost in translation due to a few too many adult beverages, but I tend to agree. It looks like Saban has left Kiffin off the leash for the last couple of games. It is because they are fighting like cats and dogs? Probably not. I think it is because Saban believes Kiffin can do his job when he is given his space. We have a quarterback, runningbacks, offensive line and receivers. It’s up to Lane Kiffin to piece together this offensive puzzle of Alabama Football.

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