Official Georgia Hate Week Guide


How will Jacob Coker handle his first road start Between the Hedges? Assuming he’s the guy that gets the start.

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Well folks it’s officially #GeorgiaHateWeek. It’s been a while since we’ve had a Georgia hate week, so here’s your refresher course.

The Crimson Tide will travel to Athens (home of the barking fans; yes this is a real thing) on Saturday to take on the Georgia Bulldogs.

The Crimson Tide are currently underdogs; Alabama hasn’t been an underdog since the 2009 SEC Championship Game. That seemed to work out well for us.

Remember the last time Alabama was an underdog in Athens? I tend to remember that game being called “The Blackout”. I too wear black to funerals.

In fact the last two times we’ve played Georgia, I have Daniel Moore paintings on my wall to commemorate the victories.

Speaking of that SEC Championship game; has this guy been seen since?


Julio Jones > AJ Green

So I’ve been back and forth on this some, but I think it’s official. Georgia fans are the most delusional fans in the SEC.

You do know that you haven’t won a National Championship since 1980 right Bulldog fans?

That doesn’t stop you from telling everyone that will listen that THIS IS YOUR YEAR! At this point Georgia fans are worse than Cubs fans.

It’s also been TEN (!!!) years since your last SEC Championship game win. I mean they play the thing in your own backyard and you STILL can’t win it!

Vince Dooley; your best and most celebrated coach ever…8-10-2 in Bowl games.

Derrick Thomas > Herschel Walker

The only thing I can support about your program is the time UGA tried to bite an Auburn player; that was awesome.

Please keep Mark Richt at Georgia forever. Being a nice person doesn’t win you football games.

You lost to Georgia Tech AND Will Muschamp last year. Richt should be fired twice for that.

I know that we’re mainly discussing football, but let’s not forget this great moment in Georgia Athletics History…

Speaking of non-football things; Bubba Watson is a tool. Proof.

Also, please stop kidding yourselves. The Athens music scene is garbage.

But hey! Georgia’s 4-0 on the young season this year and you guys have looked really impressive. In fact Nick Chubb’s already claimed four Heisman trophies! Too bad Derrick Henry is still better.

Don’t lie Bulldog fans; how many of you have already bought playoff tickets?

We know this guy has…

Hopefully this person has moved on and won’t be tormenting people on Saturday.

Speaking of the game; Alabama currently has a 37-25-4 overall record against Georgia and the tide will look to make that win number 38 on Saturday.

Roll Tide my friends, we’ll see if you can handle some real competition soon Bulldogs.

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