Auburn Fans Are Mad Derrick Henry Won The Heisman


Auburn fans are not happy about Derrick Henry winning the Heisman and their salty bitter tweets are delicious.

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When you start the season claiming that you are going to win a national title and that Jeremy Johnson is going to win a Heisman trophy and then end up in the Birmingham Bowl it’s hard not to be salty.  It’s even worse when you have to watch the team you hate, Alabama, win all the things you claimed you were a lock for.

So it’s not hard to see why Auburn fans are bitter, it is hard sometimes not to laugh at their bitter outrage though.  I mean bless their hearts, but you just can’t help but find their pitiful impotent anger funny.

Here is the best bitter anger from Auburn fans who are mad about Derrick Henry winning the Heisman.

It’s no Birmingham Bowl I guess.

The new favorite son of Auburn.

#1 I doubt it.

#2 Derrick Henry didn’t play at Auburn, but I understand that Auburn fans always live in the world of “if”.

If we don’t like the winner we just explain that the award isn’t important, classic Barn logic!

But I thought the Heisman didn’t matter?

Because predicting a winner before the season worked out so well for you this year?

And no one was weaker than Auburn.

I understand how you could think that if you watched a bunch of Auburn defense this year.

This is what it’s all about for little brother.

Jet fuel can’t melt Nick Saban.


Whatever helps you get through the lonely nights brother.

How did that work out for you?

When correcting grammar in a tweet that is obviously slang is where you need to go to feel better about your Birmingham Bowl bound self.

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Bless their impotent little angry blue and orange hearts y’all!