Heisman Award: Let’s Not Forget Grandmomma Gladys In All This


Derrick Henry won the 2015 Heisman Award on Saturday, but one his biggest supporters, Grandmomma Gladys, had to say in the hospital back in Florida.

Grandparents are special people to everyone one of us. It seems we can get away with a little bit more when they’re around, but there would be hell to pay if we actually pushed them too hard. When we were all finally introduced to Derrick Henry’s Grandmomma Gladys during the ceremony, I am sure that many of you thought the same thing I did—she was just like my grandma.

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Henry was raised by his and I might as well have been raised by mine. She lived next door to us and I spent a lot of time over there. My grandmother only had to concerns—my dad, my mom, the rest of the family, and making sure everyone had something to eat when they came to our house. I like to think that Derrick already has a lot of the qualities that it takes to be a great man and if some were to agree that for some reason I don’t, it’s not because my grandma didn’t try to instill those values in me.

All of us want to make our parents and grandparents proud. We also want to thank the ones that were hard on us when we were younger when then we probably didn’t agree with what they said but ended up seeing later in life that they were right. Henry sounds no different from that, but his big supporter couldn’t be with him in New York City. I know she was there in spirit.

In case you missed it this week, an article came out from the guys at Al.com that said Grandmomma Henry had been in the hospital for a few weeks with fluid around her heart and in her lungs. She’s been unable to speak due to having a tracheotomy. To communicate, she has had to write down what she wants to say. Her most recent message: Has Shocka got the trophy yet? Shocka is the nickname she gave him when he was born.

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Shortly after Henry was announced as the winner, I sent out a tweet saying that someone needs to let Grandmomma Gladys that Shocka got that trophy. A few minutes later, I saw another tweet from a reporter that made the tears come for me.

And then came the video that made more tears fall. It showed Henry’s family gathered with Grandmomma Gladys as the winner was announced. Grandmomma Gladys didn’t need anyone to tell her.

Congratulations to Derrick Henry, his family, and especially Grandmomma Gladys. You raised a fine young man and if he didn’t realize it when he was younger, like me, he definitely realizes you knew what you were talking about with your life lessons. It turns out that Derrick knew what he was talking about as well in 2012.

Roll Tide, everyone. This ride is an unbelievable one for the players, staff, and yes, the fans, too. Let us not forget that.