Auburn Fans Hilariously Predict Jeremy Johnson For Heisman


It’s time to do a little internet time traveling and look back at the hilarious Jeremy Johnson for Heisman predictions from the Auburn family.

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I know that Auburn fans predict that they will win a national championship every single year, it’s just one of their traditions, but this year was especially funny.  The Auburn family was sure that not only would they win the College Football Playoff and that Will Muschamp would fix their defense, but that Jeremy Johnson would win the Heisman trophy.  6-6 and a Birmingham Bowl later and that’s just not the way things played out.

It’s why their impotent fanbase is so mad about Derrick Henry winning the Heisman Trophy.  In fact if you have an Auburn fan in your life talking about how Christian McCaffrey should have won the Heisman this might be a good post to share with them.

The wheels just plain fell off the Gus Bus this year folks.   So let’s take a look back at the hopes and dreams of the Auburn family and then laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

OR they could both run into Alabama.

I have some bad news.


I’ll just keep watching out I guess…

Oh we remember.

What if your tweet was the thing that made him collapse under the pressure?

Yeah, silly Alabama is a mess!

I do not bahleedat.

Well he didn’t get to go to New York, but he was at the Auburn football banquet last night.

You have been given the gift of ESP.

Simpler times.

It’s Auburn, Auburn is the thing that is messed up.

Next: Auburn fans are mad about Derrick Henry winning the Heisman

I can’t wait to see who the family decides is going to win the Heisman next year!