NFL Draft: Alabama football and SEC dominate again with more to come

Round one of the 2018 NFL Draft was another year of Alabama football and SEC domination. It will continue Friday night in rounds two and three.

It is not fair to say Alabama football and the SEC owned the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. The SEC did not have a first-rounder until Georgia’s Roquan Smith at No. 8. The Tide’s first, first-round pick came at No. 11 with Minkah Fitzpatrick.

The total first round tells a different story. Alabama football led all schools with four first-rounders. The SEC dominated the first round with a total of ten picks. Georgia added three and South Carolina, Florida and Arkansas each earned one on the draft’s opening night.

The ACC was second among conferences with six selections. The B1G and the Pac-12 had four each. The Mountain West with three picks outshined the mighty Big-12 at only one. CUSA and the American Athletic Conference matched the Big-12 with a single pick.

The trend will continue Friday night in rounds two and three. For the SEC, LSU, Auburn, TAMU, Ole Miss and Mississippi State will join the draft parade. Alabama football and Georgia will rack up more selections.

Alabama Football Draft Dominance

How much has Alabama football dominated the draft in recent years? Check out the two sets of stats in the tweets that follow.

An even more impressive set of numbers

2010-2017 Total Draft Picks

  • Alabama – 61 total draft picks
  • LSU – 52
  • Florida – 50
  • Ohio State – 46
  • Florida State – 45

In the 2000’s decade, Ohio State led with 69 players drafted. In the 1990’s decade, Notre Dame led with 68 players drafted. Alabama football will blow past those numbers in the 2018 Draft and add more to the total in 2019. That is Draft Dominance.

What to expect in rounds two and three

The other SEC schools who missed out in the first round will have an active Friday night. LSU should be strong in rounds two and three. Alabama football should have three or maybe four players drafted Friday night.

Ronnie Harrison is sure to be one. Da’Shawn Hand and Anthony Averett are two more. Tony Brown might make his way onto the draft stage on Friday. Saturday could see five or more former Alabama football players drafted. Breaking the Tide’s one-year draft record of 10 picks is a strong possibility.

Added good news for Alabama football fans appears to have come with picks by the 49ers and the Bills. The 49ers did not draft a linebacker and hopefully, that means Reuben was falsely accused of domestic abuse. The Bills made a move to add a franchise QB. Josh Allen’s college completion percentage indicates A.J. could be the best bet for the Bills throughout 2018.