Alabama Football: Joel Klatt is finally right about the Crimson Tide

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Alabama football fans enjoy making fun of Joel Klatt for a comment he made during the 2015 season about the Crimson Tide Dynasty being over.

Joel Klatt is outspoken. His comment about the Alabama football Dynasty ending in 2015, encouraged and endorsed by Collin Cowherd, was red meat to the hordes driven by Alabama football fatigue.

Klatt, like many former college players, turned media pundits, uses being outspoken to draw attention. Many others do it as well, one of whom is Greg McElroy. So, Alabama football fans should realize these guys are almost forced to create and contribute to whatever can become a hot-take. Challenging the dominance of Alabama football is fertile ground to gain attention.

For Alabama football fans who want to look back, the “Alabama Dynasty is over” video can be seen below. The statements were made a few days after Ole Miss beat the Alabama Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa in Sept. 2015. While the conclusion was terribly wrong, it is interesting to consider why it was wrong. The premise was Nick Saban had failed to adapt his defense to the offensive realities of college football and would continue to resist change.

What actually happened is Nick Saban embraced change, on both sides of the ball. The results since the video are 49 wins, two losses and two national championships. In fairness, Klatt and Cowherd have both admitted being wrong. How could they not? Joel Klatt said,

"I’ve owned this horrendous take several times…I was dead wrong! Saban has created the greatest dynasty in the history of CFB."

Joel Klatt now not only endorses the Alabama Football Dynasty, he also says it has been good for college football. Check out the video below from the Dan Patrick Show.

Joel Klatt has made another interesting observation lately. It is about the College Football Playoff and the Selection Committee.

We disagree with the implication, the Selection Committee is purposely creating a safety net for Alabama football. Nothing in the history of the current and past committees suggests the effort is anything other than identifying the four best teams. But, Klatt is correct, LSU at No. 7 is a safety net for the Crimson Tide. As we have discussed in our observations about the latest Top 25 rankings, LSU in the Top 10 and Mississippi State at No. 21 helps Alabama football.

An undefeated Crimson Tide needs no help. But a one-loss Tide may need the boost of beating the ranked Bengal Tigers and MSU Bulldogs. Tide fans need to hope those two teams continue to win.

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There will be a time when media pundits and most of the college football world celebrates a downfall of Alabama football. Nothing lasts forever, but from today’s view, that time appears to be far into the future.