Nick Saban: An important message to fellow Alabamians

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Nick Saban has spent his life and his career not looking back but looking forward. He shared his current plans for Alabama football this week.

This week Nick Saban had something to say. He is known for choosing his words carefully making him a wordsmith of sorts. Nick Saban is different from some masters of crafting words in that the exact word is not as important as the exact message.

On Tuesday Saban gave an update on the current activities for Alabama football. He explained how the Crimson Tide football staff is working. Precautions communicated to players were reviewed. Plans for an uncertain college football future were referenced.

Alabamians, Crimson Tide fans or not, should pay heed. The tweet below includes the video of Saban’s message. Note it was not shot at his office. It was made in his home.

The Twitter response to Nick’s message was well, but not universally well, received. Such is the nature of social media when every opinion, no matter how unfounded, is allowed in a conversation. Some ill will to Saban and to an extent to Alabama football was evidenced. But most responses were in support of Nick’s message.

A couple of years ago, we published a story saying Saban’s incredible work ethic was driven by a quest for clarity. In an uncertain time for our nation, he is still searching for it. Going beyond the video above, some of Saban’s words from the past are appropriate for the current challenge.

Nick Saban gets credit for the quote below, though others have used similar words before. One of those others was Eleanor Roosevelt.

"What happened yesterday is history. What happens tomorrow is a mystery. What we do today makes a difference."

Nick made it very clear, what people do to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus, will make a difference. His words bring to mind another Nick Saban quote.

"There are two pains in life. There is the pain of discipline and the pain of disappointment. If you can handle the pain of discipline, then you’ll never have to deal with the pain of disappointment."

Make no mistake Alabama Crimson Tide fans (and others) Saban’s words are life lessons. They go far beyond what college football players should and should not do to succeed. The same can be said for the video; “we are all in this together … social distancing, it’s important; listen to the experts, follow their guidelines and take care of each other.”

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As always, when Nick talks, listen. We are all in this together.